David BIBBY, Germany

In around 20 years of attendance at the CHNT (or „Workshop Archäologie und Computer” as it used to be called) I have had a unique opportunity to observe and experience the long term development both of the conference and the technologies presented there. The CHNT has become a veritable “landmark” in the topography of technologies applied in archaeology – a regular yearly stopover in Vienna for experiencing the new, taking stock of our own progress and not least meeting colleagues who, over the years in Vienna, have become friends. Personally, my everyday professional activities have profited in many ways from the experiences made and the technologies discovered at the CHNT. But more than that, the CHNT Vienna has fundamentally influenced, even moulded, the direction and structure of my own work in archaeology over the last two decades. And in doing so the CHNT has helped to sporn further valuable project on a European scale – sometimes directly, sometimes to a lesser extent, but always at least hovering in the background. With all this in mind I hope to offer you a short but affectionate review of the “Workshop Archäologie und Computer Vienna”/“CHNT” from a very personal point of view.