Thank you Wolfgang and the whole CHNT team for organising this year conference. I hope to attend CHNT’26 live next year.


My first time in CHNT; I am happily impressed by the variety of countries of origin and different research and interventions of the participants, all high level. All this immersed in a welcoming atmosphere, made up of enthusiasts. I will certainly participate again.


The CHNT ist the most important conference on New Technologies and an international meeting point and the best personally exchange for our work. The team of organisation doing always a great job. Sad that I couldn´t take part and join the community this year.


Since my first participation 1999 CHNT has always been a great hub for me to meet colleagues, chat about the things technology can do for cultural heritage and to get inspired for future work and collaborations – thanks Wolfgang & Vienna for making this possible!

Thank you Wolfgang and colleagues for organising the CHNT2020 conference under difficult circumstances! Thank you for the possibility to participate in a professionally organised conference despite the COVID-19 pandemic! I hope for a continuation of this highly successful and internationally very popular conference series and to meet you again soon!

I was delighted to attend CHNT 25, even though getting up at 2:30 am to catch the 9:00 am start in Vienna) . There were wonderful moments – the simulation of the land bridge across Lake Huron, virtual Messina before the 1780 earthquake…
So – please don’t doubt your impact.

Thank you for organising this important conference. It always gives a great overview of new developments in archaeology and technology.

Dear CHNT team, thanks for organizing CHNT conference series and virtual CHNT 25 especially. Thanks for your important work that exceedingly contributes to the technological progress of archaeology in Europe. CHNT 25, like the years before, offered manifold stimulations, well-mixed program conduced to success.
Keep it up, we need CHNT!

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