Session: Visual Experience of the Past – Multiple ways to visualize Cultural Heritage for the General Public
Chairs: Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy | Willem BEEX, The Netherlands

Matthew NICHOLLS, UK: Virtual Rome: large-scale public responses to digital 3D cultural heritage in a MOOC
Christoph LOBINGER, Germany: The international project VirtualArch: visualization and presentation of hidden archaeological heritage across Central Europe
Marco CALLIERI | Rachele MANGANELLI DEL FÀ | Andrea ARRIGHETTI | Giovanni MINUTOLI | Giovanni PANCANI, Italy: Different paradigms for different spaces: showing the Montagnola Tomb inside & out
Marleen DE KRAMER | Christopher MORSE | Sam MERSCH, Luxembourg: What’s In A Name: Gamifying the Intangible History of Larochette, Luxembourg
Zdravko DIMITROV | Miglena RAYKOVSKA | Emil MICHOV, Bulgaria: Virtual reality for rescue excavations: preserve the non-preservable. The example of the Roman villa rustica near Blagoevgrad
Doris EBENSCHWANGER | Daniel ISEMANN | Sander MÜNSTER, Germany: Perception of Historical Buildings in Virtual Reality and Good Old Fashioned Reality – A Comparative Study
Eleonora GANDOLFI | Graeme EARL | Grant COX, UK: Digital Open Scholarships in Heritage: how archaeological data can be reused to engage digital audiences
Arie KAI-BROWNE | Thomas BREMER | Kay KOHLMEYER | Julia GONNELLA | Sebastian PLESCH | Susanne BRANDHORST | Jona SCHLEGEL, Germany: Spatial Contextualization of Cultural Heritage – the Cupola of the Torres de las Damas on the Alhambra
Ylenia RICCI | Giorgio VERDIANI | Andrea PASQUALI, Italy: A petrified petrifying eyesight: a story for the MEDUSA’S HEADS from Istanbul, Turkey
Andrea ASCHAUER | Jürgen HAGLER | Jeremiah DIEPHUIS | Michael LANKES, Austria: The Virtual House of Medusa: Playfully Collaborative Virtual Archaeology in a Museum Context
Giovanni VERRESCHI | Antonio NOVELLINO | Davide PANTILE, Italy: Exploracity: an innovative platform offering new services for the enhancement of Tourism and Cultural Heritage
Adele MAGNELLI | Stefania BANDINI | Matteo VENTRELLA, Italy: Casanova Museum and Experience: how to integrate History with Virtual Reality in order to relive the past
Eva PIETRONI | Alfonsina PAGANO | Enzo D’ANNIBALE, Italy: The use of holographic showcases inside the museum’s context. Towards an advanced museology creating a dramaturgy around the exhibited objets
Veronika POLLOCZEK | Mihailo POPOVIC, Austria: The Digital Tabula Imperii Byzantini (Dig-TIB) as Contribution to the World’s Cultural Heritage
Frederick BAKER, UK: Klimt’s Magic Garden
Alessia D’ANGELO | Luca GUGLIERMETTI | Oliviero ELETTI | Barbara De LIETO | Franco GUGLIERMETTI | Luciano RICCIARDI, Italy: Crowdsourcing and photogrammetry as alternative tool to visualize cultural heritage
Hugo A. SAMPAIO | João RIBEIRO | Ana M.S. BETTENCOURT | Manel SANTOS-ESTÉVEZ, Portugal: Rescuing ancient carved memories: applying new technologies to rock art recording on the Northwest of Iberian Peninsula
Martin SCHAICH | Tuna CAPAR, Germany: The Mycenaean site of Tiryns in 3D. High-resolution photogrammetry with Action-Camera on 6m rod and subsequent data fusion using 3D laser scans
Konstantina SIOUNTRI | Dimitrios D. VERGADOs | Emmanouil SKONDRAS |Christos-Nikolaos ANAGNOSTOPOULOS, Greece: The revival of back-filled monuments through Augmented Reality (AR)
Monica BERCIGLI, Italy: Masada, the desert fortress. Discovering the archaeological site by gaming
Gilbert SOETERS, The Netherlands: Grandeur on the Market Square of Maastricht
Davide TANASI | Stephan HASSAM, USA: Learning through objects: 3D Digital Imaging and 3D Printing for public outreach in archaeology
Patricia WEEKS | Erik DOBAT | Christof FLÜGEL | Markus GSCHWIND | Carsten HERMANN | Al RAWLINSON | Sandra WALKSHOFER | Lyn WILSON, UK: Advanced Limes Applications: Lessons in audience engagement and technology

Key Note Speeches

Lior WOLF, Israel: Four deep learning approaches for overcoming domain shift in Cultural Heritage
Franc SOLINA, Slovenia: The use of pictorial information in cultural heritage beyond visualisation

GCH-Tutorial: Hands on Aïoli, a reality-based 3D annotation platform for the collaborative documentation of CH artefacts
Organizer: Luca DE LIVIO | Manuel ADELINE| Anas ALAOUI M’DARHRI | Anthony PAMART | Violette ABERGEL

Workshop: 3D mapping on textured surface model
Organizer: Sebastian VETTER, Germany

Session: 3D Documentation in Underwater Archaeology: Photogrammetry, Georeferencing, Monitoring, and Surveying
Chairs: Marco BLOCK-BERLITZ, Germany | Luca BEZZI, Italy

Helena SEIDL DA FONSECA | Julia KLAMMER, Austria: (C)old case (pro)files – A GIS-based 3D evaluation method for documentation of past and modern data
Michaela REINFELD | Bernhard FRITSCH, Germany: On land, under water and in the air – new research at the villa maritima at the Cape of Sorrento, Italy
Helena SEIDL DA FONSECA | Henrik POHL | Ronny WEßLING, Austria: Back to the archaeology: benefits, challenges and limitations of computer vision for the interpretation process of excavated pile dwelling sites
Marco BLOCK-BERLITZ | Benjamin GEHMLICH | Michael BOMMHARDT | Niklaas GÖRSCH | Hilmar BOCHMANN | Alexander HAFERLAND | Ketill GUNNARSSON, Germany | Carmen LÖW | Cyril DWORSKY, Austria: Using Aerial Documentation for Underwater Georeferencing at UNESCO Pile Dwellings “See am Mondsee” in Austria
Immo TRINKS | Mario WALLNER | Klaus LÖCKER | Jutta LESKOVAR | Timothy TAYLOR | Wolfgang NEUBAUER, Austria: Efficient underwater archaeological prospection using high-resolution multibeam sonar and sub-bottom profiler measurements

Session: From analogue death to digital re-birth – reconstructing written heritage
Chair: Katharina KASKA, Austria

William DUBA, Switzerland: Digital Humanities meets Visual Heritage: the Birth of Fragmentology
Ivana DOBCHEVA | Veronika WÖBER, Austria: Reconstructing the Fragmented Library of Mondsee Abbey
Jana GRUSKOVÁ, Austria: 15 years of digital recovery of the Vienna Greek palimpsests
Ivan SHEVCHUK | Christian BROCKMANN, Germany: Resurrecting Lost and Erased Writing with Multispectral Imaging
Manfred SCHREINER | Bernadette FRÜHMANN | Wikfried VETTER | Federica CAPPA, Austria: The Visualization of Under-texts and Under-paintings in Written Heritage by Their Chemical Compositions
Leif GLASER | Ivan SHEVCHUK | Daniel DECKERS | Martin TOLKIEHN | Ira RABIN | Oliver HAHN, Germany: Improving Iron Gall Ink X-ray Flourescence element mapping
Simon BRENNER | Bernadette FRÜHMANN | Willi VETTER | Federica CAPPA | Manfred SCHREINER | Heinz MIKLAS | Robert SABLATNIG, Austria: Towards a unified Database for Multispectral Images and Spectroscopic Material Analysis of Manuscripts
Michael PHELPS | Damianos KASOTAKIS, USA: The Sinai Palimpsests Project: recovering texts erased 1,000 years ago through the systematic application of non-destructive spectral imaging techniques
Keith KNOX, USA: Recovery of Lost Text: What the Scholars and Scientists Learn from Collaboration
Roger EASTON | Chet VAN DUZER | Kevin SACCA, USA: Processing methods to recover text information from multispectral imagery of the world map by Henricus Martellus (c. 1491)
Ira RABIN | Oliver HAHN, Germany: Why do we need to study inks?
Claudia RÖMER, Austria: Determining the origin of some marginal notes of ms. ÖNB H.O. 42a through ink analysis
Andreas BLÄCKER, Germany: New multispectral scanning method for Drawings, Paintings and Manuscripts

Session: The Employment of Mobile Applications for Survey, Documentation and Information
Chair: Claudiu SILVESTRU, Austria

Gabriel WURZER | Hans RESCHREITER | Fiona POPPENWIMMER, Austria | Jiri UNGER, Czech Republic | Christoph LOBINGER | Christiane HEMKER, Germany: Producing
location-based heritage apps using only a ZIP file

Marco MONTANARI | Lucia MARSICANO, Italy: CHContext – easing the creation of GIS readers
Gabriele GATTIGLIA | Francesca ANICHINI | Michael REMMY | Holly WRIGHT | Massimo ZALLOCCO, Italy: A mobile app for the automatic recognition of archaeological potsherds: the ArchAIDE project
Claudiu SILVESTRU, Austria: CultApp – Apps for Mobile Devices for the Interpretation of Cultural Heritage Sites in Vienna

Session: App – Session
Organizer: Günther WEINLINGER | Michael KLEIN, Austria

Marion GROßMANN | Juan TORREJÓN, Austria: AR + VR = XR
John FILLWALK, USA: Virtual Companion
Peter GRUNDMANN, Austria: Hearonymus – your personal audioguide
Maria Cristina MANZETTI | Nikos PAPADOPOULOS, Greece: Experiencing an ancient performance in a Roman Theatre
Javier ORDOÑO |Iker ORDOÑO | Arantxa SATRÚSTEGUI | Gonzalo ÁLAVA, Spain: Arkikus – Santa Catalina de Badaia Monastery: a Virtual Reconstruction
Sandra L. LÓPEZ VARELA, Mexico: Mexico Alternativo/Alternative Mexico
Talila YEHIEL | Shani ZIV, Location APP – Inside/Outside Vienna

GCH-Session: Scanning for Cultural Heritage

Martin RITZ | Martin KNUTH | Pedro SANTOS | Dieter FELLNER, Germany: CultArc3D_mini: Fully Automatic Zero-Button 3D Replicator
Mathijs VAN HENGSTUM | Tessa ESSERS | Willemijn ELKHUIZEN | Dimitra DODOU | Yu SONG | Jo GERAEDTS | Joris DIK: Development of a high resolution topography and color scanner to capture craquelure patterns of paintings
Jan CEJKA | Marek ZUZI | Panagiotis AGRAFIOTIS | Dimitrios SKARLATOS | Fabio BRUNO | Fotis LIAROKAPIS: Improving Marker-Based Tracking for Augmented Reality in Underwater Environments
Francisco Javier MELERO | Jorge REVELLES | Maria Luisa BELLIDO: Atalaya3D: making universities’ cultural heritage accessible through 3D technologies

Round Table: Cartographic Visualisation and Storytelling for Cultural heritage: Techniques and Methods
Chairs: Georg GARTNER | Markus JOBST, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Georg GARTNER | Markus JOBST, Austria: Cartographic Visualization and Storytelling
Markus JOBST, Austria: Spatial data infrastructures and core datasets
Francesco Porras BERNANDEZ, Austria: The geospatial semantic web as foundation for knowledge networks of cultural heritage

Training: Professional presentations
Organizer: Carmen LÖW, Austria | Nadine ALPINO, Germany

GCH-Session: VR in CH Applications

Ronan GAUGNE | Myrsini SAMAROUDI | Theophane NICOLAS | Jean-Baptiste BARREAU | Laurent GARNIER | Karina RODRIGUEZ ECHAVARRIA | Valérie GOURANTON: Virtual Reality (VR) interactions with multiple interpretations of archaeological artefacts
Carlos ANDUJAR | Brunet Pere | Jeronimo BUXAREU | Joan FONS | Narcis LAGUARDA | Jordi PASCUAL | Nuria PELECHANO: VR-assisted Architectural Design in a Heritage Site: the Sagrada Família Case Study
Elmedin SELMANOVIC | Selma RIZVIC | Carlo HARVEY | Dusanka BOSKOVIC | Vedad HULUSIC | Malek CHAHIN | Sanda SLJIVO: VR Video Storytelling for Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation

GCH-Session: 3D Reconstruction for CH

Arnaud BLETTERER | Frédéric PAYAN | Marc ANTONINI | Anis MEFTAH: Towards the reconstruction of wide historical sites : A local graph-based representation to resamplegigantic acquisitions
Karina RODRIGUEZ ECHAVARRIA | MYRSIN SAMAROUDI: Digital workflow for creating 3D puzzles to engage audiences in the interpretation of archaeological artefacts
Ruggero PINTUS | Tinsae Gebrechristos DULECHA | Alberto JASPE VILLANUEVA | Andrea GIACHETTI | Irina Mihaela CIORTAN | Enrico GOBBETTI: Objective and Subjective Evaluation of Virtual Relighting from Reflectance Transformation Imaging Data

Session: Images of the past – challenges of computer generated image-based representation of cultural heritage
Chairs: Krzysztof KOSZEWSKI, Poland | Fabrizio Ivan APOLLONIO, Italy | Piotr KUROCZYŃSKI, Germany

Christiane CLADOS, Germany: Cultural Heritage and 3D Characters
Laura FARRONI | Matteo Flavio MANCINI | Silvia RINALDUZZI, Italy: Deferred executions: digital transcriptions of unbuilt architectural projects
Marc GRELLERT | Fabrizio Ivan APOLLONIO | Bob MARTENS | Nobert NUßBAUM | Mieke PFARR-HARFST, Germany: Working Experiences with the Reconstruction Argumentation Method (RAM) Scientific Documentation for Virtual Reconstructions –
Dominik LENGYEL | Catherine TOULOUSE, Germany: Interactive Virtual Reality for a grasping understanding of an architectonic concept
Małgorzata MARKIEWICZ | Aneta BUCHNER, Poland: 3D images as a source for analysis and interpretation of data obtained during archaeological research
Dimitrij MLEKUŽ, Slovenia: Power of Images: Archaeological Visualizations in the Knowledge Production
Jiri UNGER, Czech Republic: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – What is the Confidence Level of 3D Virtual Reconstructions in Archaeology?
Vladan ZDRAVKOVIC, Serbia: Developing and maintaining of the long-term 3D Visualization Projects – Caričin Grad – Justiniana Prima
Denis ZHEREBYATYEV | Svetlana BORISOVA | Sergei KARTASHOV | Ivan TRISHIN | Danila DRIGA | Maxim MIRONENKO, Russia: Cultural heritage preservation of pre-Mongol Rus: reconstruction of lost stories white-stoned carved reliefs of the St. George’s Cathedral of the XIII century
Robert Peter BARRATT, UK: Defining a 3D methodology in archaeology: the issue with alternative models

Round Table: Advances in Image-based 3D Reconstruction and Modelling (SfM/MVS)
Chairs: Benjamin DUCKE, Germany | Giorgio VERDIANI

Marco BLOCK-BERLITZ | Christina FRANKEN | Hendrik ROHLAND | Alexander HAFERLAND | Benjamin GEHMLICH | Niklaas GÖRSCH | Hilmar BOCHMANN, Germany: Documenting more than 5000 ha in Mongolia in five days using low-cost drones
Alessandro CAMIZ | Zarif EZDEŞIR | Monica BERCIGLI, Italy: UAV photogrammetry of large fortifications with low cost tools a Cyprus experience
Paolo FORMAGLINI | Filippo GIANSANTI | Stéphane GIRAUDEAU | Alessandro GIACOMELLI, Italy: Five years of experiences of the Architectural Photographic Laboratory (LFA) in Florence, Italy
Fanet GÖTTLICH, Germany: New Insights on fast 3D – pottery in field documentation
Henry-Louis GUILLAUME | Arnaud SCHENKEL, Belgium: Photogrammetry of cast collection, technical and analytical methodology of a digital rebirth
Sofia MENCONERO | Martina ATTENNI | Marika GRIFFO | Almira KHAFIZOVA, Italy: A workflow for fast 3D documentation: an experience on medieval architectural fragments
Panagiotis PARTHENIOS, Greece: Combining Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) with SfM 3D Point Clouds in Cultural Heritage
Giorgio VERDIANI | Stefano BERTOCCI | Muge SEVKETOGLU, Italy: Graffiti photogrammetry, extracting the signs from the walls of the Kyrenia Castle
Colin WALLACE, Canada: Archival Alchemy: A pathway to 3D reconstruction of past images

Round Table: Open Data, Public Science, and Global Digital Heritage
Chairs: Victor Manuel LOPEZ-MENCHERO BENICHO | Herbert D. G. MASCHNER, USA

Herbert MASCHNER | Victor Manuel LOPEZ-MENCHERO BENDICHO | Jeffrey P. Du VERNAY | J. Bart MCLEOD | Miguel Ángel HERVÁS HERRERA | Aurelia LUREAU | Myriam van WALSUM, USA: Global Digital Heritage – Mission, Goals, Future
J. Bart MCLEOD | Jeffrey P. DU VERNAY | Myriam van WALSUM | Aurelia LUREAU | Herbert MASCHNER | Victor Manuel LOPEZ-MENCHERO BENDICHO, USA: Workflow for photogrammetry and terrestrial laser scanning – data acquisition to Sketchfab
Jeffrey Du VERNAY | Aurelia LUREAU | J. Bart MCLEOD | Victor Manuel LOPEZ-MENCHERO BENDICHO | Gabriel WICK, USA: Virtual tours and the impact of 360° imagery on local communities: heritage and the archaeology of place
Miguel Ángel HERVÁS HERRERA | Jeffrey P. Du VERNAY | Victor Manuel LOPEZ-MENCHERO BENDICHO, Spain: Case study of Calatrava La Vieja and the comparison of traditional documentation techniques with 3D methods
Aurelia LUREAU | Jeffrey P. Du VERNAY | J. Bart MCLEOD | Herbert D. G. MASCHNER | Laurent COSTA | Gabriel WICK | Emmanuelle COLLADO, France: Digital documentation, restoration and conservation at the Château de La Roche-Guyon
Myriam van WALSUM | Pierre-Yves GAGNIER | Herbert D. G. MASCHNER | Jeffrey P. Du VERNAY | J. Bart MCLEOD | Aurelia LUREAU, The Hetherlands: Natural History Collections as Cultural Heritage: Muséum national d’histoire naturelle à Paris
Victor Manuel LOPEZ-MENCHERO BENDICHO | Herbert D. G. MASCHNER | Pierre-Yves GAGNIER | Laurent COSTA, Spain: Solving public, political, and administrative problems with 3D digital documentation
Laurent COSTA | J. Bart MCLEOD | Jeffrey P. Du VERNAY | Herbert D. G. MASCHNER | Victor Manuel LOPEZ-MENCHERO BENDICHO, France: GIS and geospatial databases for the presentation and management of 3D data
Herbert MASCHNER | Victor Manuel LOPEZ-MENCHERO BENDICHO | Jeffrey P. Du VERNAY | J. Bart MCLEOD, USA: The presentation complex digital heritage data: 3D documentation and the democratization of science

Session: What to do with all the 3D data? Analyzing, Interpreting, Saving, Recycling
Chairs: Vera MOITINHO DE ALMEIDA, Austria | Dirk RIEKE-ZAPP, Germany

Vera MOITINHO DE ALMEIDA, Austria | Dirk RIEKE-ZAPP, Germany: Brief notes on 3D Accuracy, Precision, Resolution, and Uncertainty
Ruth TENSCHERT | Max RAHRIG | Rainer DREWELLO | Sebastian KEMPGEN, Germany: Scratches? Scribbles? Scripture! Revealing the unseen – 3D scanning of Glagolitic graffiti of the 10th century at Saint Naum
Francesco GABELLONE | M. CHIFFI | M. DECKER | D. TANASI, Italy: Integrated survey technologies for the conservation and dissemination of the Roman mosaics of Piazza Armerina (Sicily)
Gunnar SIEDLER | Sebastian VETTER, Germany: Methods for 3D-documentation of mural paintings
Konstantina SIOUNTRI, Greece: The three-dimensional digital representation of South Stoa (Portico) and Agonotheion mosaic in Ancient Corinth, Greece
Elisabeth TRINKL, Austria | Dirk RIEKE-ZAPP, Germany: Face to face and beyond
Erica NOCERINO, France |Dirk RIEKE-ZAPP, Germany | Vera MOITINHO | Elisabeth TRINKL, Austria: Mapping vis and UVL imagery on 3D geometry
Markus PÖCHTRAGER | Georg HOCHREINER, Austria: Numerical visualization of points from laser scanning in terms of the structural behavior of historical timber structures pressed for time

GCH-Session: Visualization and Visual Analytics for CH

Vanessa LANGE | Philipp KURTH | Benjamin KEINERT | Martin BOSS | Marc STAMMINGER | Frank BAUER: Proxy Painting
Bartosz BOGACZ | Felix FELDMANN | Christian PRAGER | Hubert MARA: Visualizing Networks of Maya Glyphs by Clustering Subglyphs
Anja WUTTE: Data visualization of decoration occurrence and distribution. A comparative study of Late Egyptian funerary decoration in Thebes

GCH-Session: Virtual Museums and Virtual Documentation

Jorge CARDOSO | Andre BELO: Evaluation of Multi-Platform Mobile AR Frameworks for Roman Mosaic Augmentation
Christina TSITA | Anastasis SINANIS | Nikolaos DIMITRIOU | Kostas PAPACHRISTOU | Anastasia KARAGEORGOPOULOU | Anastasios DROSOU | Dimitrios TZOVARAS: A configurable design approach for VR museums
Renato DE DONATO | Massimo DE SANTO | Alberto NEGRO | Donato PIROZZI | DILETTA Rizzolo | Gianluca SANTANGELO | Vittorio SCARANO: A Social Platform to support Citizens Reuse of Open 3D Visualisations: a Citizen Science approach
Josep Lluis FITA: Earthquake Simulation for Ancient Building Destruction

GCH-Session: Digital Documentation for Conservation

Irina Mihaela CIORTAN | G. MARCHIORO | C. DAFFARA | Ruggero PINTUS | Enrico GOBBETTI | Andrea GIACHETTI: Aging Prediction of Cultural Heritage Samples Based on Surface Microgeometry
Anastasia MOUTAFIDOU | Georgios ADAMOPOULOS | Anastasios DROSOU | Dimitrios TZOVARAS | Ioannis FUDOS: Multiple Material Layer Visualization for Cultural Heritage Artifacts
Willemijn ELKHUIZEN | Tessa ESSERS | Yu SONG | Jo GERAEDTS | Sylvia PONT | Joris DIK: Gloss Characterization and Calibration for Material Appearance Reproduction of Paintings
Reinhold PREINER | Stephan KARL | Paul BAYER | Tobias SCHRECK: Elastic Flattening of Painted Pottery Surfaces

Session: Digital versus Analogue – Challenges and Benefits in Archaeological Reconstructions and Presentations in Exhibitions
Chairs: Carmen LÖW | Karina GRÖMER, Austria

Elisabeth MONAMY, Digital : analogue. The dilemma
Carmen LÖW, Austria: UNESCO Pile Dwellings around the Alps – Cultural mediation between affirmation and deconstruction
Üftade MUŞKARA, Turkey: Industrial Heritage and Augmented Reality Applications
María-Eugenia POLO | Mª DE LOS REYES DE SOTO | Guadalupe DURÁN-DOMÍNGUEZ | Carlos J. MORÁN, Spain: Proposal of virtual documentation and dissemination of the information of the archaeological object
Gernot HAUSAR, Austria: Digital first? Saving Digital Worlds, Artefacts and Inhabitants
Karina GRÖMER | Anton KERN | Andreas KROH, Austria: Critical assessment of media in the permanent exhibition of the Natural History Museum Vienna: Prehistory and Palaeontology

Session: Visualising Controversial Heritage
Chairs: Willem BEEX, The Netherlands | Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy | Benno RIDDERHOF, The Netherlands

Benno RIDDERHOF, The Netherlands | Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy | Willem BEEX,The Netherlands: The Good, The Bad and the Sexy; An Introduction into Controversial Heritage
Bogdan BOBOWSKI, Poland: Gebirgsbauden forgotten community of religious refugees from the Thirty Years’ War in the Karkonosze (Giant Mountains)
Bogdan BOBOWSKi, Poland: A settlement turned into a wilderness – how the Polish People’s Army abolished the mountainous village Groß Iser
Teodora KONACH, Poland: Mapping Communities’ Heritage – Community-Based Intangible Cultural Heritage Visualization and Cities with Disrupted Cultural Continuity
Radosveta KIROVA, Bulgaria: Augmented Reality Revival of the Monument 1300 Bulgaria in Sofia
Elisa MIHO | Kristiana KUMI | Julia DEMIRAJ, Albania: The decommunization of the “Pyramid” in Tirana, the mausoleum of Enver Hoxha
Jaap Evert ABRAHAMSE | Menne KOSIAN | Rowin van LANEN, The Netherlands: The Lure of the Golden Republic. Non-colonial Dutch heritage in South Africa
Mattia SULLINI, Italy: Modern iconoclasms and idolatries; 3D reconstruction as a chance to circumvent the impasse. The Ciano Mausoleum
Benno RIDDERHOF, The Netherlands: “I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse” …. “I lost a son you lost a son” Lepidus’s survival a case for database research into Family politics and power during the second Triumvirate and the early Principate
Benno RIDDERHOF, The Netherlands: Beyond good and evil; why some controversial heritage always survives. The case of George Armstrong Custer
Davide TANASI | Michael DECKER | Kaitlyn KINGSLAND | Rebekah MCLAUGHLIN, USA: 3D Digitizing John Ringling’s Wisconsin Train Car at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida
Maria Ines SCIOLLA, Argentinia: La Candelaria, the Jesuit farming state: technological resources for its understanding within the World Heritage Site
Wolfgang NEUBAUER | Nikolaus STUDNICKA | Mario WALLNER | Hannes SCHIEL | Klaus LÖCKER | Ralf TOTSCHNIG, Austria: Rosenburg – Rapid state-of-the-art 3D documentation and mapping of a mediaeval castle using TLS, ULS and GPR

Workshop: GRAVITATE: Geometric Reconstruction And noVel semantIc reunificaTion of culturAl heritage objEcts. Discovering relationships between artefacts using 3D and semantic data
Organizer: Chiara Eva CATALANO,  Italy | Sorin HERMON, Cyprus

Sorin HERMON, Cyprus | Chiara Eva CATALANO, Italy:GRAVITATE archaeological and technological challenges
Dominic OLDMAN | Cristina GIANCRISTOFARO | Jonathan MOFFETT, UK: Semantic search, enrichment and similarity of digital assets
Leo DORST | Hanan ELNAGHY | Michela MORTARA | Corrado PIZZI | Andreas SCALAS| Michela SPAGNUOLO, The Netherlands | Italy: Geometric Ingestion in GRAVITATE: Resampling, Faceting and Annotation Transfer
Chiara Eva CATALANO | Silvia BIASOTTI | Andrea REPETTO | Michela SPAGNUOLO, Italy: Geometric characterization and semantic annotation of 3D artefacts
Silvia BIASOTTI | Elia MOSCOSO THOMPSON | Michela SPAGNUOLO, Italy: Similarity reasoning over collections of 3D artifacts: the GRAVITATE example
Ilan SHIMSHONI | Niv DERECH | Magali SEGAL-STOLARSKY | Ayellet TAL, Israel: 2D color based and 3D based reassembly algorithms

GRAVITATE platform: practical experience [GRAVITATE Consortium]
GRAVITATE in the wider context and open discussion on future challenges [All, Workshop Participants]

Workshop: Hands-on Workshop – How to use the top-class photogrammetry software RealityCapture for preserving the cultural heritage in digital form
Organizer: Zuzana DURICKOVA | Ladislav DEDIK, Slovakia

Presentation: Poster
Organizer: Peter DORNINGER, Austria

Carolina BARZACCHINI | Giovanna PATTI | Mirco PUCCI, Italy: Ventotene, from a story of Mediterranean isolation to the Digital survey and interpretation of the the thermal area in Villa Giulia
Alena BISTÁKOVÁ | Elena BLAŽOVÁ | Peter BEDNÁR | Matej RUTTKAY, Slovakia: An evidence of archaeological activities in Slovakia
Marco BLOCK-BERLITZ | Benjamin GEHMLICH | Michael BOMMHARDT-RICHTER | Hilmar BOCHMANN, Germany: Archaeological underwater documentations with Manio
Michael BOMMHARDT-RICHTER | Marco BLOCK-BERLITZ |Benjamin GEHMLICH, Germany: ArchaeoPlanner: Planning semi-autonomous underwater campaigns
Barbara BUCHER | Andreas KOLBITSCH, Austria: Mapping Heritage in Vienna
Zeynep CEYLANLI | Pembe ÖZEN | Ezgi ÇIÇEK | Pelin ARSLAN, Turkey: Evolving from castle to virtual space: the case of Kyrenia Shipwreck Museum
Ambra COLACIONE | Paolo FORMAGLINI | Filippo GIANSANTI | Alessandro GIACOMELLI, Italy: Old and New school The evolution of the survey campaign in a case study of Maddalena’s Bridge
Dennis DEKKER, The Netherlands: ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
Bruno DUTAILLY | S. EUSÈBE | V. GRIMAUD | N. LEFÈVRE | M. QUANTIN | S. TOURNON VALIENTE | M. CHAYANI | X. GRANIER, France: Life cycle of 3D data for Cultural Heritage
Ángel M. FELICÍSIMO | María-Eugenia POLO | Trinidad TORTOSA | Alicia RODERO, Spain: Rollout archaeological photography for the graphic documentation of cultural heritage
Stéphane GIRAUDEAU | Paolo FORMAGLINI | Filippo GIANSANTI Italy: Video-Photogrammetry: from different sources to 3D model
Hayat KADI | Karima ANOUCHE | Jean-Pierre PERRIN, Algeria: The best compromises of 3D parametric reconstruction for heritage representation
Stephan KARL | Paul BAYER | Hubert MARA | András MÁRTON, Austria: Advanced documentation methods in studying the black-figure style of Corinthian vase paintings
Latifa KHALID AL-THANI | Divakaran LIGINLAL, Qatar: A Study of Natural Interactions with Digital Heritage Artifacts
Serap KUŞU, Turkey: The Reconstruction of Urartu Buildings of Altıntepe in Virtual Environment: “The Temple Altıntepe Example”
Cristian MOISE | Iulia DANA NEGULA | Alina ORTAN | Radu FIERASCU | Irina FIERASCU | Ioana POPITIU | Constantin INEL, Romania: Promoting cultural heritage using state-of-the-art technologies of digital reconstruction
Marco MONTANARI | Lucia MARSICANO, Italy: Bologna 1116 – an interactive experience
Phil MORRIS, UK: Using Inertial Motion Capture to capture elements of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Iulia DANA NEGULA | Cristian MOISE | Radu Claudiu FIERASCU | Irina FIERASCU | Constantin Ioan INEL | Ioana POPITIU| Alina ORTAN, Romania: A multidisciplinary approach for cultural heritage management and sustainability
Gerald RAAB | Ronny WEßLING | Roman SKOMOROWSKI, Austria: Augmented Reality as support in presentations and scientific communication
Luciano RICCIARDI, Italy: Could virtual restoration substitute actual restoration? A method proposal
Pablo RODRIGUEZ-NAVARRO | Andy CHOPPING, Spain | Diego RODRIGO, UK | Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy | Teresa GIL-PIQUERAS, Spain: Digital applications to urban archaeological sites: the St. Mary Spital. Chapel and Charnel House
Stefania SAVVA, Cyprus: Museum Affinity Spaces: Exploring the potential of a new tool for re-imagining museum-school partnerships for multiliteracies engagement and learning
Arnaud SCHENKEL | Rudy ERCEK, Belgium: 3D digitization of the Brussels City Hall and the medieval archangel Michael wind vane: architectural and archaeological exploitation
Jona SCHLEGEL | Kelly GILLIKIN | Arie KAI-BROWNE | Thomas SCHENK, Austria: A digitally reconstructed Roman marketplace disintegrates
Francesca SOLINAS | Luca ALBERGONI, Italy: The Bellini’s Museum Gallery: from tradition to present time using digital documentation
Boris STUMMER, Austria: 3D scans in Lower Austria
Marco TANGANELLI | Giorgio VERDIANI | Raffaella PAOLUCCI, Italy: Great statues and seismic vulnerability, a photogrammetric approach for early safeguard
Richard THOMA, Austria: SFM – Structure from Motion
Rodrigo TISI | Diego PINOCHET et al., Chile: Museography and performativity: installing the space-time of Alero de Taira
Nina TOLEVA-NOWAK | Wiktor NOWAK, Bulgaria: An Innovative Approach towards Preservation of Tangible Cultural Heritage Issues through the Lens of the Public Relations
Giorgio VERDIANI | Stefano BERTOCCI, Italy |Alessandro CAMIZ | Zeynep CEYLANLI | Muge SEVKETOGLU, Turkey: The Kyrenia Castle, an approach for digital documentation in North Cyprus
Rojin VISHKAIE, USA: Large Augmented Digital Displays for Interactive Experiences of Historic Sites
Vladan ZDRAVKOVIC, Serbia: Early-Christian pilgrimage centers – Spatial and architectural 3D Study of the sacral topography in 6TH century urban environment

Session: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as Platforms of Method and Theory
Chairs: Benjamin DUCKE | Irmela HERZOG, Germany

Bence VÁGVÖLGYI | Gábor SERLEGI; Hungary: Mapping earth forts from every angle: results of the combination of multiple non-destructive survey methods in a GIS framework
Menne KOSIAN | Rowin VAN LANEN, The Netherlands: The importance of history for climate adaptation; Confronting modern spatial problems by overcoming historical-limitations of traditional GIS modelling
Catherine PORTER | Keith LILLEY | Christopher LLOYD | Siobhan MCDERMOTT | Rebecca MILLIGAN, UK: Digging into early cartography – the digital analysis of sixteenth century maps of Great Britain and Ireland
Irmela HERZOG | Lothar WELLER, Germany: Towards identifying the course of a route mentioned in 1065
Lucia MARSICANO | Domenica DININNO | Fabio REMONDINO, Italy: Entertainment buildings during the roman empire: where, when, why
Reza SHARIFI, Germany | Somaye FAZELI | Alireza IBRAHIMI, Afghanistan: Spatial Data Infrastructure for Urban Heritage Conservation in Afghanistan, the case study of the Herat Old City
Rowin VAN LANEN, The Netherlands: Mapping monumental churches. The challenge of applying GIS on the religious landscape of the Netherlands

Session: Heritage-BIM between Survey, Planning and Management Making the walls telling their story: a low cost interactive proposal for the Castle of Girne, North Cyprus
Chairs: Claudiu SILVESTRU, Austria | Piotr KUROCZYNSKI, Germany

Damien CAMPBELL-BELL, UK: BIM and Commercial Archaeology: A Critical Perspective
Andrea ADAMI | Nazarena BRUNO | Olga ROSIGNOLI | Barbara SCALA, Italy: HBIM for planned conservation: a new approach to information management
Piotr KUROCZYŃSKI | Julia BRANDT | Karolina JARA, Germany: New Synagogue as HBIM – Merging historical information with BIM-conform models
Lorenzo CECCON. Italy: A New Perspective on Heritage and Multi-dimensional Representation with H-BIM
David ZELL | Amir FREUNDLICH | Iosi BORDOWICZ, Israel: Photogrammetric Modelling and digital Reconstruction of the ancient synagogue in the National Park of Baram
Gabriele FARRE | Emilia VALLETTA | Zarif EZDEŞIR, Italy: Heritage-BIM between Survey, Planning and Management Making the walls telling their story: a low cost interactive proposal for the Castle of Girne, North Cyprus

Session: Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in Conflict Areas
Chairs: Benjamin DUCKE, Germany | Ann DEGRAEVE, Belgium

Silvia FLORINDI | Luca BACHECHI | Anna REVEDIN, Italy: The fragility of the sign. African rock art in the archives of the Italian Institute of Prehistory and Protohistory
Sofia MENCONERO | Angelo BARILI | Giovanni BOSCHIAN | Marco CHERIN | Elgidius B. ICHUMBAKI | Dawid A. IURINO | Fidelis T. MASAO | Jacopo MOGGI CECCHI | Giorgio MANZI, Italy: 3D survey in extreme environment: the case study of Laetoli hominin footprints in Tanzania
Josephine SCHOENEBERG | Holger HITGEN, Germany: Documentation – Observation – Evaluation. Ancient Yemen Digital Atlas (AYDA). A WebGIS based monument information system

Session: Ways to visualise time in archaeology and cultural heritage
Chairs: Michael DONEUS | Geert VERHOEVEN, Austria

Matthias KUCERA, Austria: Archaeological space – concepts of space and time in archaeology
Vincent MOM | Joachim SCHULTZE | Sigrid WROBEL | Dieter ECKSTEIN, The Netherlands: Visualizing the development of the harbour of Hedeby
Michael DONEUS, Austria: Deriving chronology from airborne laser scanning data
Georg ZOTTI | Florian SCHAUKOWITSCH | Michael WIMMER, Austria: Changing Sceneries under Changing Skies: Virtual Archaeoastronomy with Stellarium
Santiago VILLAJOS; Spain: A multiscalar relational approach to Early Modern Architecture: Francisco de Luna and Andrés de Vandelvira in Uclés or the admonition of the sailed dome in Spain
Gabriel WURZER | Christoph HOFFMANN | Elmar SCHMIDINGER | Herbert WITTINE | Richard KURDIOVSKY | Julia FORSTER | Andreas VOIGT, Austria: Lessons learned from building a time-attributed partonomy for the 4D-visualization of the Vienna Hofburg
Erik SCHMITZ, The Netherlands: Time Markers. Years on gable stones and tombstones in pre-modern Amsterdam

GCH-Session: Virtual Archaeology

Alexander REINHOLD | Paul RAYSON | Ian GREGORY: Deep Mapping Tarn Hows: Automated Generation of 3D Historic Landscapes
Roberto DE LIMA | Toon SYKORA | Maarten VERGAUWEN | Marleen DE MEYER | Harco WILLEMS: On Combining Epigraphy, TLS, Photogrammetry and Interactive Media for Heritage Documentation: The Case Study of Djehutihotep’s Tomb in Dayr al-Barsha
Alexander BORNIK | Mario WALLNER | Geert VERHOEVEN | Wolfgang NEUBAUER: Integrated Volume Visualisation of Archaeological Ground Pentrating Radar Data
Wolfgang NEUBAUER | Christoph TRAXLER | Andreas LENZHOFER | Matthias KUCERA: Integrated spatio-temporal documentation and analysis of archaeological stratifications using the Harris Matrix
Takashi NEMOTO | Tetsuya KOBAYASHI | Takeshi OISHI | Masataka KAGESAWA | Hiromasa Kurokochi | Sakuji YOSHIMURA | Eissa ZIDAN | Mamdouh TAHA: Virtual Restoration of the Wooden Artifact under Non-Rigid Deformation : A Case of the First Solar Boat of King Khufu
Elihu RUBIN | Saima AKHTAR | | Benedict BROWN | Holly RUSHMEIER: New Haven Building Archive: A Database for the Collection | Study | and Communication of Local Built Heritage
Elia MOSCOSO THOMPSON | Silvia BIASOTTI | Martina POLIG | Giusi SORRENTINO | Sorin HERMON: Towards an automatic 3D patterns classification: the GRAVITATE use case
Andreas SCALAS | Valentina VASSALLO | Michela MORTARA | Michela SPAGNUOLO | Sorin HERMON: Shape analysis techniques for the Ayia Irini case study

Round Table: From field to screen – Digital technologies in rescue archaeology
Chairs: Nadine ALPINO, Germany│ Ute SCHOLZ, Austria

David BIBBY, Germany: From CAD to Open Source GIS with Survey2GIS: The Paradigm Shift in Digital Excavation Documentation at the State Heritage Department in Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Reiner GÖLDNER | David BIBBY, Germany: Digital Excavation Documentation – Objective and Sustainable (A Workshop Summary)
Rob van HAARLEM | Egbert GRIFFIOEN, The Netherlands: A new way to excavate

Round Table: Smart ways of building up digital collections in libraries, archives and museums
Chairs: Anita Eichinger | Christoph SONNLECHNER, Austria

Wibke KOLBMANN, Switzerland: Strategy 2015-2020 – Joint efforts of the ETH Library with the natural history collections of ETH Zurich in digitalization
Klaus KEMPF, Germany: Smart digital collection building as an common task of archives, libraries and museums. The case of bavarikon
Silvia RUSSEGGER, Austria: Documenting and informing – everything from a single source?!

GCH-Session: Tools for Multimedia or Museum Installations

Marco POTENZIANI | Marco CALLIERI | Roberto SCOPIGNO: Developing and maintaining a Web 3D viewer for the CH community: an evaluation of the 3DHOP Framework
Jean-Baptiste Barreau | J. Jouneau | J. Mérelle | L. Maillard | Y. Bernard | L. Quesnel: Granitic recumbent statue reproduction by a seven axes robotic milling machine
Florian NIEBLING | Jonas BRUSCHKE | Marc Erich LATOSCHIK: Browsing Spatial Photography for Dissemination of Cultural Heritage Research Results using Augmented Models
Jonas BRUSCHKE | Florian NIEBLING | Markus WACKER: Visualization of Orientations of Spatial Historical Photographs
David JOHN | D. HURST | P. CHEETHAM | H. MANLEY: Using immersive Virtual Reality to engage the public with Cultural Heritage

GCH-Session: 3D Scanning & Digitization

Florian LARDEUX | Sylvain MARCHAND | Petra GOMEZ-KRÄMER: Multi-Light Energy Map
Simon BRENNER | Sebastian ZAMBANINI | Robert SABLATNIG: An Investigation of Optimal Light Source Setups for Photometric Stereo Reconstruction of Historical Coins
Jiao PAN | Liang LI | Hiroshi YAMAGUCHI | Kyoko HASEGAWA | Thufail I FADJAR | Bra MANTARA | Satoshi TANAKA: 3D Reconstruction and Transparent Visualization of Indonesian Cultural Heritage from a Single Image
Karina RODRIGUEZ ECHAVARRIA| Karin JANZON | Jonathan WRIGHT: Participatory co-creation of public sculpture incorporating 3D digital technologies
Yu-Kun LAI | Karina RODRIGUEZ ECHAVARRIA | Ran SONG | Paul L. ROSIN |: Digitisation and Visual Analysis of Large Scale Monuments: the Case of the Trajan Column Cast


Workshop: Digging Archaeological Data: Documents, Archives, Data Extraction and Visualization*
Chairs: Christoph BLESL, Austria | David BIBBY | Manuela FISCHER, Germany | Christof HOFFMANN |Günther MÜHLBERGER | Martina TROGNITZ, Austria

Hans RESCHREITER | Kerstin KOWARIK | Anke BACHER | Daniel BRANDNER | Julia KLAMMER | Johann UNTERBERGER | Josef WEICHENBERGER | Gabriel WURZER, Austria: 7000 years, multilayered research in and around Hallstatt
Despoina TSIAFAKI | Natasa MICHAILIDOU, Greece: Ways to cope with the scientific ARENA: taking the results of archaeological research a step further
Duncan BROWN | Claire TSANG, UK: High-speed Morons
Martin MOSSER, Austria: Considering useful archiving of archaeological visualisations in Vienna
Martina TROGNITZ, Austria: Preservation of Archaeology Data in ARCHE
Zdenka KOSAROVÁ | Martin KUNA | Olga LEČBYCHOVÁ | David NOVÁK, Czech Republic: The Archaeological Information System of the Czech Republic – The Big Solution for Big Data
Tim EVANS, UK: Twenty years of digital archiving at the ADS
Vincent CHRISTLEIN, Germany: Writer Recognition in Historical Documents

Session: Locative media and heritage engagement in pre-modern urban Environments
Chairs: Fabrizio NEVOLA | Cristina MOSCONI, UK

Gerhard SINDELAR, Austria: Effects of technology and marketing on app concepts for cultural heritage organisations
Wouter BRUIJNINCKX, Belgium: Communicating the Historical and Architectural Context of Heritage Environments Using Augmented Reality
Georgios ARTOPOULOS, Cyprus | Constantinos MILTIADIS, Greece: The visual imaginary of intangible cultural heritage: accessing the palimpsest of Nicosia through audio-enabled routes
Ana PLOSNIĆ ŠKARIĆ | Natko KATIČIĆ, Croatia: An Example of Map Searchable Database: Dubrovnik City Councils’ Deliberations 1400-1450


Session: PhD/Master session 2018
Chair: Martina POLIG, Cyprus

Naoki MORI | Tokihisa HIGO | Kaoru SUEMORI | Hiroshi SUITA | Yoshihiro YASUMURO, Japan: Visualization of the Past-to-Recent Changes in Archaeological Heritage based on 3D Digitization
Yannick DE RAAFF | Theo VERLAAN | Sofia VOUTSAKI | Gary NOBLES, The Netherlands: Destruction, Construction and reconstruction: the Built Chamber Tomb of the North Cemetery at Ayios Vasilios, Lakonia
Rolando VOLZONE | Federico CIOLI | Matteo BIGONGIARI, Italy: The church of St. George in the Kyrenia castle in North Cyprus, bringing out the shape of architecture
Martin TEICHMANN, Germany: Quantitative Analyses of Roman Settlement Patterns in Southern Latium
H. Kübra GÜR DÜZGÜN | Bedel EMRE, Turkey: Stratification in urban archeology: Marmaray Project Sirkeci Station Rescue Excavations
Jasmin SCHEIFINGER | Barbara RANKL | Iulian GANCIU, Austria: The archaeological, conservation and heritage story of Ephesos. Visibility and representation
David Frederik HÖLSCHER, Germany: Communicating current research content through multimedia learning environments. Insights into a joint university and Leibniz Gemeinschaft research project from Kiel
Leticia CRESPILLO MARÍ, Spain:New didactic strategies: 3D modeling and Virtual Reality as a cataloguing alternative of light environments and their application in museums and Art History classrooms