In addition to the Visual Heritage Congress 2018 there will be a scientific exhibition. This will be open to the general public as well as Congress attendees. Non-profit organizations, be they museums, universities or research institutes, are invited to showcase their developments in areas including digitization, 3D technology, virtual- or augmented reality, museum- and exhibition tools.

The Expo will be hosted in the former Planungswerkstatt of the City of Vienna, which is opposite City Hall, and will be organized in collaboration with a range of Viennese City Departments. With 200m² available, it is the goal to build a demonstration area that will bridge the gaps between scientific researchers, institutions, museums, archives and the general public.


  • Date: November 10-15, 2018
  • Location: “Wiener Planungswerkstatt”, 1., Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 9
  • Space: 200m²
  • Infrastructure: Booth systems (2,4 m x 1,2 m), light system, WLAN
  • Costs: free of charge

The focus is the meeting of technology and Culture. This will therefore include computer science, cultural preservation, archaeology, architecture, archiving, libraries, museums, history, digital humanities, computer graphics, digital surveying among others.


You can choose between four ways of exhibtion:

  • Traditional Exhibitor: Full physical presence in the Expo with your own stand and personnel. Dedicated booth operators are on site to answer questions and showcase hardware and/or software to interested visitors.
  • Virtual Exhibitor / Continuous presentations: Your presentation or video running (looping presentation) on a dedicated PC on your own stand. The Expo will provide the PC and you must supply any branding for your stand and 2 copies of the presentation on CD/DVD or
    Shared Virtual Exhibitor: Your presentation or video running on a shared PC on a shared stand.
    Exhibitors will / could be available on an irregular basis to answer questions and provide detailed explanations to interested visitors.
  • Scheduled live Demonstrator: Conference participants demonstrate hardware and/or software solution and innovations to interested visitors. Presentation slot in the Expo demonstration area.

The “Call for EXPO (non profit)” extended due to the summer vacations until August 20, 2018!
Please send us your submission!

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