Carolina BARZACCHINI | Giovanna PATTI | Mirco PUCCI
(Dipartimento di Architettura, University of Florence, Italy, Florence, Italy)

Keywords: digital survey, 3D reconstruction, 3D laser scanner, Ventotene, Villa Giulia

This research concerns the study of the archaeological site of the “Villa d’Otium” (The Villa for idleness) from the Augustan Roman age, on the Island of Ventotene: Villa Giulia (Giulia’s Villa). All the activities have been developed thanks to a collaboration with the Ventotene Municipality and in particular with the former director of the archaeological museum of the island, both with the objective of investigating the site and producing a series of materials that would allow further study about this archaeological sites. The task involved the survey, by means of 3D laser scanners, of the Villa’s baths area and some adjacent spaces, to obtain a digitalization of the site. An in-depth study was carried out in the literature about the typology of the “Villa d’Otium” maritime and on the functioning of the Roman baths, and an analysis about the archaeological evidence as well as from the gathered dataset, to formulate a digital reconstructive hypothesis of the baths area of the villa and its heating system. Furthermore, the production of three-dimensional models made possible to give accessible materials to the public for information and educational purposes. Finally, an architectural project and a reorganization of the visitng paths were proposed to redefine the entrance to the archaeological site, which today is very precarious, with the aim of enhancing the comprehension and safeguarding this historical-archaeological heritage.