Advanced Archaeological Training

Andi SMART | Cristina MOSCONI | Pikakshi MANCHANDA
(University of Exeter, UK)

Keywords: Data Dashboard, Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Visitor Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Geo-spatial Visualisation

Describtion: Information management tools such as data dashboards have been used in various industries for monitoring, analysing and visualising key insights and performance indicators from diverse data sources in order to track business growth. Over the past decade, such dashboards have experienced an increasing trend in the incorporation of AI methodologies for advanced business intelligence and analytics processes. Use of such holistic platforms for Cultural Heritage (CH) sites can offer insights based on advanced Visitor-Centered analytics and would offer increased opportunities for CH site managers to design unique visitor experiences based on targeted visitor segments.
The aim of this workshop is to provide a demonstration of a Visitor Intelligence based Dashboard conceptualised and developed within the VISTA-AR project which focuses on CH sites based in England and France. This dashboard unifies data sources such as:

  • Multi-lingual natural language feedback collected post-visit at CH sites from sources such as TripAdvisor, feedback forums, visitor surveys and interviews;
  • Geo-spatially tracked visitor journeys and dwell times at areas of interest within CH sites collected during-visit.

The dashboard encorporates the use of advanced AI approaches such as Natural Language Processing, and Geo-spatial Visualisation to extract meaningful insights from the afore-mentioned data sources. Furthermore, the dashboard provides configurable provisions for CH site managers to generate analytical summaries in the form of statistical and graphical reports that can be repurporsed for informing existing business models and marketing strategies.

This workshop will demonstrate a traditional process of onboarding and account setup for a novel CH site using the VISTA-AR Dashboard and illustrate the capabilities offered in the form of advanced visitor analytics.

Participants: max. 20-25
Equipment: laptop with internet connection (no need to download any software beforehand)