Organiser: Ingeborg GAISBAUER | Martin MOSSER, Austria

The 15th International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies in Vienna will focus on Urban Archaeology. In the future the Congress should be also a forum for all scientific questions concerning archaeological research in towns in Central Europe from prehistoric, Roman/German, medieval, early modern and even until modern times. In the following years workshops could have a focus on specific topics like “fortifications, water supply, buildings/houses, economy/trade, supply of raw materials, religions, burials” etc.
In 2010 we will start an overview of history and archaeology in urban areas of Central Europe. We choose the term “Central Europe” because there should be a certain common base of discussion between towns which show some similarity but also differences in a geographical area with a more or less analogue historical and cultural background.

So we would ask you to present an archaeological survey of a Central Europe town, whereas you could limit yourself to a certain historical period (for example: “Cologne in Roman times” or “Prague in the Middle Ages”, etc.) but you could also bring a complete outline of the development of settlement structures from prehistoric to modern times.

The intention of the workshop is a comparison of the current state of archaeological and historical research as a basis for discussion.

You are invited to present lectures (max. 20 minutes)
Language: English