Alessandro CAMIZ | Zarif EZDEŞIR | Monica BERCIGLI
(Girne American University, Girne, Turkey)

Keywords: IUAV, Drone, DJI Spark, low cost solutions, aerial photogrammetry

Is it possible to take the survey of very large Castles using an off-the-shelf very entry level UAV, it is possible to consider a “selfie” drone as a real tool for capturing a good level 3D model of a whole fortress? In this case study, based on the survey of the Kyrenia Castle in Girne, North Cyprus, the use of a DJI Spark IUAV unit, mounting its standard camera, was the test tool for the shooting of a 150×150 meters large fortification. The post processing of the data was aimed to produce a well working massive model, then integrated by ground level photography to complete a usable textured model of all the walled structure. Some specific treatments were needed to enhance the data coming from the IUAV unit, operating both on the quality of the images and the GPS data inside the EXIF information. With a certain patience and some tentative, this simple tool turned out to be a credible solution in front of such complex architecture. Creating a model with an acceptable quality for documentation and multimedia uses. The treatment of the data and the following photogrammetry process was operated using multiple SfM software, comparing the results to understand specific issues of the specific solutions. In this contribution to the round table, all the procedures adopted in this case study will be presented and described, sharing the experience and the final results, discussing issues and problem solved.

Relevance for the conference: Facing the task of the survey of a gigantic castle with a very small drone
Relevance for the session: Complete description of the workflow, troubles, and troubleshooting for sharing the experience
Innovation: Use of very low cost solutions patching data contents to enhance the final results
• Videoclip about the survey operations | Hill, G. (1948). A History of Cyprus. Volume 2: The Frankish Period 1192-1432. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press