(Dept. Architettura Disegno Storia Progetto, Facoltà di Architettura, Università degli studi di Firenze, Italy)

Abstract: The classic architecture and its image, strong in the imagery as in its real manifestation, it can be found in the shape of a rich sample in the Theseus Temple in the Volksgarten in Vienna. During the Cultural Heritage and New Technologies 16 workshop in November 2011 a well participated seminar took place in this location, under the guide of G. Verdiani, B. Ridderhof and W. Beex, and with the collaboration of R. Rudorfer, the whole monument was surveyed in all the over ground parts, the whole work was made together with the participants to the seminar and it allowed a good coverage of the whole building. During the past year, starting from the registered pointcloud it has been possible to reconstruct the digital surface model in a new, well defined, setup. Integrating the previous survey, taking the expeditious photogrammetrical survey of the Canova’s Theseus statue, reading the drawings from Pietro Nobile (the author of the temple), analyzing the Wiener neoclassic temple in its proportions and dimensional relationships and comparing them to the real classical models, going to an end aimed to make all the post processing of these data working to produce some hypothesis about a new overall setup for the Theseum Temple with the meaning to explore this monument from its state at now and a possibility of evolution toward a new step. The proposed poster will be aimed to present the seminar work and how the data produced at that time has worked as the base for a new specific research about this interesting monument.

Keywords: Digital Survey, Theseus-Temple, Temple, Vienna