(ArcTron 3D GmbH, Altenthann, Germany)

Keywords: Data Fusion, Photogrammetry, Laserscanning,6m rod survey

The ancient site of Tiryns, located in Argolis in the Peloponnese (Greece), is a famous Mycenaean palatial center during the Late Bronze Age. The site was digitally recorded in May 2018 by ARCTRON 3D with the purpose of creating a detailed digital model of the complete site for a museum exhibition on Mycenaean Culture. The project has been commissioned by Badisches Landesmuseum (BLM) in Karlsruhe (Germany). The documentation was carried out by means of aerial and terrestrial images as well as laser scanning by a team of two 3D-surveying specialists within one week. Over 40.000 images were taken on site, and slightly more than half of these were processed to create a 3D model using the SfM approach. Additionally, terrestrial and hybrid-mobile laser scanning were deployed using two different sensors, namely Riegl VZ-400 and Leica BLK360. Since the site takes up many visitors, drone-photogrammetry as main surveying method was not possible due to permit and safety reasons. This situation on site necessitated an alternative method to acquire very low “aerial” photos. For this reason, a GoPro Hero 6 sensor placed on a gimbal was attached to a 6m fiberglass rod and used as a mobile “aerial” solution for image acquisition. In order to generate a complete and reliably scaled model of the site, data fusion using photogrammetry and laser scan was implemented. As a result of this work we can present an extremely detailed, accurate, photorealistic and stone-precise 3D-model of this famous Mycenaean castle. For the 3D documentation of such sites an efficient and cost-effective approach was realized. On account of the main purpose of the museum project, the model was reduced afterwards in size to generate a digital model to be used in real-time platforms such as VR and AR for interactive exhibition presentation.

Relevance for the conference: highly detailed stone-precise surveying strategy for archaeological ruins
Relevance for the session: data fusion of >25k Action-Cam photos with 3D laserscanning
Innovation: low “aerial” site documentation with gimbal controlled action camera on 6m rod