Giorgio VERDIANI | Stefano BERTOCCI |Alessandro CAMIZ | Zeynep CEYLANLI | Muge SEVKETOGLU
(Dipartimento di Architettura, Florence University, Italy, Florence, Italy)

Keywords: Digital Survey, Integrated Survey, Kyrenia Castle, 3D Laser Scanner, Photogrammetry

Documenting with an accurate survey a large architecture is nowadays a possible and affordable work, based on a mix of active and passive solutions, the use of digital survey tools offers extremely versatile opportunities of documentation no matter the extension of the building. In the poster presented here, a mix of Terrestrial and Aerial Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Lasergrammetry is used by academics in the context of the Kyrenia Castle in North Cyprus, a large medieval fortification almost organized in a square planimetry with a side of about 150 meters and walls height up to about 30 metres, gathering the occasion of a specific workshop (activated for one week in May 2018) and producing the first (partial) digital model of this large built heritage. Following the protocols and best practice in digital documentation of this kind of architectures -the coordinator group of the workshop in synergy with the management unit of the museum hosted in the castle- has brought on an articulated experience moving from the morphology of the castle, to its stratigraphy, to its exhibition aspects, to its restoration issues, to the production of multimedia contents for technical and/or general public access. In this poster it will be presented the structure of the workshop, the structure of the survey, the interactions and integrations between different surveys, the system of tools and the results coming out at first, from the on-field operations brought on by the students participating to the workshop and the following processing operated by technical expert operators. Going on to the development of common digital bases to evolve the way of approach to these monumental structures. The complete workflow with samples and QR-Code links to online resources will made of this poster a useful base for sharing and discussing the whole set of activities completed on this subject.