(Dipartimento di Architettura Florence University, Firenze, Italy)

Keywords: Florence 3DLaserScanner 3DPhotogrammetry VirtualTour360°

The Bellini Family has been one of the most prestigious Florentine antique collectors and since the seventeenth century to the present time. Their gallery is aimed to preserving the collections in the wake of the great Florentine Case Gallerie antiquarie (galleries and auction houses) that arose between the 19th and the 20th centuries therefore witnesses the Florentine historical legacy.
Located in Lungarno Soderini the museum overlooks Ponte alla Carraia. In modern times it has undergone various reworkings before adopting the current configuration through the work of the architect A. Coppedé.
The analysis of the building moves from a historical and cartographic research on archive sources and it relies on bibliographies. It has been articulated in two survey campaigns which involved the use of the 3D photogrammetry and 3D Lasers Scanner. Following a specific request by prof. Bellini, a subsequent campaign was furthermore carried out using a 360 ° panoramic video-photography of the galleries on the two levels of the building,
At a later stage the collected data have been processed to obtain a three-dimensional texturized reconstruction of the main elevation, and the cloud of points of the entire building.
This has been followed by the restitution of the high resolution orthophoto of the façade and of the geometric survey of the structure, with the identification of its material characteristics and critical situations.
In the final phase of the project hypotheses of intervention are proposed to respond to regulatory requirements, maintaining and enhancing the two current functions of the building: the contemporary art gallery and the antique gallery.