Giovanni PANCANI / Marco TOCCHI
(University of Florence, Florence, Italy)

Abstract: Methodology/Approach: The survey project of the archaeological area of Pievea Socana, not far from Arezzo, in Tuscany, has as its target the documentation of all the site, where we find an altar and the remains of an Etruscan temple and the remains of two Christian churches and a romanesque church built above them and was conducted through the use of laser scanner technology. The survey operation was conducted with the acquisition of different point clouds, linked together through a topographic survey to obtain a single database for further processing.
Results: The work of post production and processing of data obtained has allowed to obtain a relief and a graphical depiction of the complex of high quality and precision of the metric result.
Innovations: We think that the accurate documentation of historic and architectural heritage is the necessary starting point for his knowledge and protection; next to the documentation of the individual products there is the objective to create a thematic map of the whole system of the Etruscan and Roman findings in the territory.

Keywords: Etruscan and roman remains, etruscan altar, romanic church