Sara Gonizzi Barsanti / Massimo Braini
(University of Trieste, Italy)


Reconstruction of the ancient city of Trieste and Cividale del Friuli (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy) through topographical relief and GIS

Following the building restoration of “Cittavecchia” in Trieste through the project “Urban” started in the 90s, it was possible to follow several archaeological investigations on a very large area of ancient Tergeste. During the same period it has developed a series of topographical studies on the city of Cividale, the ancient Forum Iulii. Both sites were well covered by the thesis and then doctoral dissertation and later professional studies.

By creating a topographic network to cover the entire area of the old town and through georeferencing of the main landmarks using GPS, were made several measurements which has been documented the urban development of ancient cities of Trieste and Cividale del Friuli (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy). In this way we created thematic maps on absolute coordinates within which were included extensive data archive of a different nature. It was created an archaeological cartography dedicated to the areas on which the city developed during the Roman period in general.

The base map was used as database support for the creation of a GIS which includes the majority of archaeological and topographical data.

The GIS has been linked to a database containing all information relating to the data documented during archaeological excavations and obtained from archival data.

In this way, by the overlap of the current urban terrain and the archaeological data known and stored in  archives, it was possible to create a series of thematic maps having as objective the identification of archaeological risk zone, thus providing a useful tool for design of new urban development.


Archaeology, Topography, GIS, Trieste, Cividale