(Natural History Museum Vienna and Austrian Archaeological Institute, Vienna Austria)

Keywords: Burial Archaeology, Anthropology, Open Data, Digital Humanities, Open Source

Description of the APP: THANADOS – The Anthropological and Archaeological Database of Sepultures ( and is an open source online application for the dissemination, presentation and visualisation of data on archaeologically and anthropologically investigated burials.
It works with data based on the CIDOC-CRM that were acquired through the OpenAtlas system (
It represents an open data repository of Austrian cemeteries from the Early Middle Ages and allows the user to browse these data on very detailed levels, conduct all kinds of queries and visualise them via maps, plots etc. and export them to various formats for further research. It includes a vocabulary for burial archaeology and anthropology, links to various gazetteers, detailed metadata and provides an API for linked open data.
It comprises – amongst other things – descriptions, classifications, images and (if available) 3D models (e.g. of finds and features, detailed osteology data (e.g. “Osteology tab”) and allows for intrasite as well as for intersite searches and GIS visualisations with a variety of options.
It is being developed within an ongoing “GoDigital! – Next Generation” project of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The project is hosted at the Natural History Museum Vienna (Prehistory Department) and the Austrian Archaeological Institute (OeAW – Vienna) in cooperation with the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage (ACDH-CH).
Technically it is entirely based on open source technology and released under the MIT license. The content is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.