surveying basics for digital documentation of monuments or excavations


Part Stefan Hohmann, Willem Beex and Giorgio Verdiani in collaboration with Kubit
Max. 12 participants with basic or medium knowledge of measurement techniques.

In this workshop the participants will be able to work with a tachymeter, images and software in order to digitally create a drawing from (part of) a monument. The participants will also learn the several advantages and disadvantages of this method in order to fully appreciate this technique.

The workshop will be divided in three sessions:

–          Working with a tachymeter

–          Taking useful pictures

–          Software post processing

For each session a specific set of information will be given to enhance the abilities and improve che skills about this survey work on monuments and archaeological sites.

To all the participants it is suggested to bring their cameras (if available) to check it and verify its possible enhancements to allow a better picture taking according to the general workflow presented in the workshop.