Hands-on Workshop

Organisers: Willem BEEX | Benno RIDDERHOF, The Netherlands | Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy

Nowadays most archaeologists use modern surveying instruments, often with automatic data collection. But do we still know what the machine is actually doing? If we want to be able to check the measurements, we should know the way the machine is working.

In this workshop we will show the basic concept behind surveying instruments. For this purpose we have created a special exercise. The aim is to measure the outside and the inside of the so-called temple of Theseus in the Volkspark near the City Hall. We will provide the participants with a range of equipment, beginning with nothing more than some wooden rods and a piece of rope, and ending with high-tech measuring devices.

During the workshop it will become clear that there is one overall system behind surveying. We hope to show the participants that the understanding of this system is the best way to optimize surveying and to minimize errors.