CHNT 26 – Science Slam

Organizers: Elisabeth MONAMY | Bernhard WEINGARTNER, Austria

You want to present your current project, your research or your dissertation to a (lay) audience in a clear and interesting way, far away from the usual formats? Fed up with dry lectures or read-through PowerPoint presentations?

Then you’ve come to the right place at CHNT Science Slam.
Based on the well-known “poetry slams”, science slams are the place where science meets entertainment. Scientists and laymen have the unique opportunity to meet at eye level. In just a few minutes you have the chance to convince the audience of your complex field of knowledge with all kinds of props or experiments. Creativity is given free rein as long as it is scientifically correct.

The audience should learn that we are neither Indiana Jones nor Lara Croft, that we don’t dig up dinosaurs and that we don’t only work with brush and trowel.

The winner is the slammer who succeeds in making complex scientific content tangible. The audience is the jury! It is not the topic that is judged, but the performance. As in the ancient Olympic Games, the winner gets a palm branch!

The preparation of one’s own research focused especially for a lay audience additionally trains one’s own view of research and trains the simple mode of expression!
Science as scientifically correct and slam as entertaining!

In summary:

  • 10 min time
  • Short, crisp, entertaining presentation (no PowerPoint presentation!)
  • Props if necessary
  • The audience is the jury: the applause decides.

If COVID-19 does not allow for a presence event, the Science Slam will be broadcast virtually.

  • In this case, the presentation time will be reduced to 5 minutes.
  • The contributions will be submitted in advance in video form.
  • During the science slam session, the slammers will be connected to the moderator via video telephony.
  • After the slams, the audience can announce their favourite(s) at
  • All scientists will be connected live to the award ceremony.

Call extended until August 20, 2021!