H. Kübra GÜR DÜZGÜN | Bedel EMRE
(Mimar Sinan Fine Art University, Istanbul, Turkey)

Keywords: Urban archeology, GIS, Multi-layered, Istanbul, rescue excavations

The PhD thesis is about the architectural stratification of the Sirkeci Station of Marmaray Project which is one of the most important rescue excavations in the Historical Peninsula of Istanbul. These excavations, which were held under the authority of Istanbul Archeological Museums in 2004-2012, are assessed as an example of urban archaeology. Also, archaeological inventory is discussed with new visualization and documentation methods.
A project called “Implementation process of the architectural data of Marmaray Sirkeci Excavations on GIS to interpret the stratification in an example of urban archaeology” is prepared for the thesis. The first aim of the study is to establish a digital archive in GIS for further research of Sirkeci. Another important aim and benefit of this study is the creation of the ancient topography of the area with the help of GIS. The GIS database is created by attaching every architectural layer to the system with x,y,z coordinate as a part of the archaeological inventory, and by transferring their features to the database with the attribute table containing all related data. Spatialization of the layers with coordinates is interpreted in the context of urban archaeology.
There were four sites in the excavation: south station, north station, east shaft and west shaft. The sample area for this presentation is the east shaft to explain how to use the GIS database for the thesis. It is thought that the topographical change of the area is showcased better in this sector due to the sea level differences in this part, which are used to redefine the stratification of the area. All architectural drawings of the site which were visualised as dwg files during the rescue excavation, are evaluated to understand architectural structures and their relationship to the urban pattern with this thesis. The new database of Sirkeci excavations in GIS is an important step not just for the thesis, but also for urban archaeological works being held in Istanbul.

Relevance for the conference: The Phd thesis is focused on a very important cultural heritage site of Istanbul with a huge amount of data which will be examined by using the new technology’s opportunities in a GIS project.
Relevance for the session: This is an on-going Phd project with an important potential
Innovation: Using the raw excavation material to create an ancient topography.

  • Prof. Christine OZGAN
  • Ass.Prof. Zeynep ERES