(University Spiru Haret, Bucharest, Romania)

Sibiu is the repository of medieval townscapes and architecture. Yet it is still indebted to the memory of the epoch when it was the Haupstadt Hermanstadt of the Siebenbuergen Province (1692-1790). From that time a number of vestiges are still buried waiting to be unearthed. So is the so-called  Barracks 90 near the Poarta Cisnadie that was demolished in the 1980s’. Diggings carried out in the 1990s unearthed the remnants of the Barracks 90 built presumably in the same period (1791-1807) as the Kempel Barracks in Zeughofplatz (being the only military building preserved to the present).
The barracks comprised four wings around an inner courtyard and had three, respectively four levels (due to the southward sloping of the site). Of special interest are the vaults of various techniques covering the inner spaces. With the nearby vestiges of the Heltauertor and of the Vauban-type fortifications, the Barracks 90 would complete the image of the historic centre of Sibiu and might become a new structuring pole in the central area of the city.
By innovative and creative approaches, architecture might reconcile the requirements of heritage conservation and contemporary use and create a venue of public forum for culture.

Barracks 90, Vauban-type ramparts, heritage conservation, innovative and creative approaches