Franz Schuller / Karl Habsburg-Lothringen / Holger Eichberger

(Vienna, Austria)

  1. Civil Provisions and Precautionary Measures Requirements and Preconditions for Military Activities and Military Measures for the Protection of CPP The Hague Convention and its protocols for the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict. These days we find:
    • New challenges in threats like so called asymmetric conflicts
    • Civil wars
    • Terrorism
    • Natural disasters
    • Civil wars

    There are two sectors for the implementation and adoption of the Hague Convention:

    • Civil sector
    • Military sector
  2. Implementation of the Rules of Cultural Property Protection in the Armed Forces (Training and Responsibilities)
    • Cultural Property Protection in the Austrian Army
    • Training and career of a CPPO
    • Organization
    • Manual for the CPPO
    • Responsibilities of a CPPO
    • Basic material for the CPPO
      • UNESCO/1954 Hague Convention
      • UNESCO/Paris 1972
      • Geneva Conventions
  3. Perspectives and Future Developments
    • The Implementation of the 2nd Protocol of the Hague Convention
    • The international peacekeeping and peace-enforcement activities of UNO, EU and NATO
      • Civil Activities
      • Examples
      • Military Activities