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Heritage-BIM between Survey, Planning and Management
Chairs: Claudiu SILVESTRU, Austria | Piotr KUROCZYNSKI, Germany

Images of the past – challenges of computer generated image-based representation of cultural heritage
Chairs: Krzysztof KOSZEWSKI, Poland | Fabrizio Ivan APOLLONIO, Italy | Piotr KUROCZYŃSKI, Germany

3D Documentation in Underwater Archaeology: Photogrammetry, Georeferencing, Monitoring, and Surveying
Chairs: Marco BLOCK-BERLITZ, Germany | Luca BEZZI, Italy

Ways to visualise time in archaeology and cultural heritage
Chairs: Michael DONEUS | Geert VERHOEVEN, Austria

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as Platforms of Method and Theory
Chairs: Benjamin DUCKE | Irmela HERZOG, Germany

Visualising Controversial Heritage
Chairs: Willem BEEX, The Netherlands | Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy | Benno RIDDERHOF, The Netherlands

Visual Experience of the Past” – Multiple ways to visualize Cultural Heritage for the General Public
Chairs: Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy | Willem BEEX, The Netherlands

Digital versus Analogue – Challenges and Benefits in Archaeological Reconstructions and Presentations in Exhibitions
Chairs: Carmen LÖW | Karina GRÖMER, Austria

The Employment of Mobile Applications for Survey, Documentation and Information
Chair: Claudiu SILVESTRU, Austria

Locative media and heritage engagement in pre-modern urban Environments
Chairs: Fabrizio NEVOLA | Cristina MOSCONI, UK

From analogue death to digital re-birth – reconstructing written heritage
Chair: Katharina KASKA, Austria

What to do with all the 3D data? Analyzing, Interpreting, Saving, Recycling
Chairs: Vera MOITINHO DE ALMEIDA, Austria | Dirk RIEKE-ZAPP, Germany

Archaeology and Cultural Heritage in Conflict Areas
Chairs: Benjamin DUCKE, Germany | Ann DEGRAEVE, Belgium

PhD/Master session 2018
Chairs: Martina POLIG, Cyprus

App – Session
Organizer: Günther WEINLINGER | Michael KLEIN, Austria

EG GCH Sessions

Eurographics GCH Session 1

Eurographics GCH Session 2

Eurographics GCH Session 3


Advances in Image-based 3D Reconstruction and Modelling (SfM/MVS)
Chairs: Benjamin DUCKE, Germany | Giorgio VERDIANI

From field to screen – Digital technologies in rescue archaeology
Chairs: Nadine ALPINO, Germany│ Ute SCHOLZ, Austria

Limits and potentials of digitizing historical maps and plans for archaeological Research
Chairs: Irmela Herzog, Germany

Cartographic Visualisation and Storytelling for Cultural heritage: Techniques and Methods
Chairs: Georg GARTNER | Markus JOBST, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

“Data Mountains – The Great, the Large and the Ugly”
Chairs: Martina TROGNITZ | Christoph HOFFMANN, Austria

Archaeological documents – searching and data extraction
Chair: Günter MÜHLBERGER, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Smart ways of building up digital collections in libraries, archives and museums
Chairs: Anita Eichinger | Christoph SONNLECHNER, Austria

Open Data, Public Science, and Global Digital Heritage
Chairs: Victor Manuel LOPEZ-MENCHERO BENICHO | Herbert D. G. MASCHNER, USA


GRAVITATE: Geometric Reconstruction And noVel semantIc reunificaTion of culturAl heritage objEcts. Discovering relationships between artefacts using 3D and semantic data
Organizer: Chiara Eva CATALANO,  Italy | Sorin HERMON, Cyprus

Visualising (the contents and possibilities of) the Archaeological Archive
Organizer: David BIBBY, Germany | Christoph BLESL, Austria | Manuela FISCHER, Germany

Visualising objects and excavations for and in the Archaeological Archive
Organizer: David BIBBY, Germany | Christoph BLESL, Austria | Manuela FISCHER, Germany

Digital Heritage and Narratives
Organizer: Chen WU-WEI | Wong XI, China

3D mapping on textured surface model
Organizer: Sebastian VETTER, Germany

Hands-on Workshop – How to use the top-class photogrammetry software RealityCapture for preserving the cultural heritage in digital form Session
Organizer: Zuzana DURICKOVA | Ladislav DEDIK, Slovakia


Professional presentations
Organizer: Carmen LÖW, Austria | Nadine ALPINO, Germany


Eurographics GCH Tutorial 1

Eurographics GCH Tutorial 2