Would Digital Technologies allow the Conservation of the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of World Heritage Properties in apost-pandemic time

Maurizio FORTE, USA



World Heritage Management and New Technologies
Chairs: Ulrike HERBIG, Austria | Bernd PAULOWITZ, Germany

Archaeology Zooms…
Chairs: David BIBBY, Germany | Ann DEGRAEVE, Belgium

Computational methods for exploring visual aspects of cultural heritage sites
Chairs: Irmela HERZOG | Eleftheria PALIOU, Germany

Cultural Heritage and the Semantic Web: Capture of Rich Semantic Data 
Chairs: Piotr KUROCZYŃSKI, Germany | Stephen STEAD, UK

Cultural Heritage and the Semantic Web: Exploitation of rich Semantic Data
Chair: Lorenzo CECCON, Italy

PhD/Master Session 2021
Chairs: Martina POLIG, Cyprus | Nadine ALPINO, Luxembourg

Empowering heritage sites through knowledge. How to use the data to improve the management and the visitors’ experience 
Chair: Cristina MOSCONI, UK

Seeing in the dark- reconnaissance and evaluation technologies for world heritage sites and major infrastructure developments
Chairs: Jay CARVER, UK | Ann DEGRAEVE, Belgium

In the air, under water, and ashore
Chairs: Marco BLOCK-BERLITZ | Hendrik ROHLAND, Germany

Virtualization against the World’s End: Creating new experiences for old places
Chair: Giorgio VERDIANI, Italy

Archaeological assessment of the impact of largescale infrastructure developments using LiDAR: current practice and experience; and future potential
Chairs: James EOGAN | Paul O’KEEFFE | Dave COWLEY, Ireland


Round Tables

Citizen participation, science communication and world heritage. Opposites that attract or repel each other?
Chairs: Elisabeth MONAMY | Sigrid PETER, Austria

Bamiyan World Heritage: The Present and The Future
Chairs: Alireza IBRAHIMI | Hossein REZAYE, Afghanistan

How has Corona changed our daily scientific work?
Chairs: Wolfgang BÖRNER, Austria | Alessandro CAMIZ, Turkey

World Heritage Documentation and Monitoring with New Technologies
Chairs: Mario SANTANA, Canada | Ulrike HERBIG, Austria

Museums in the era of Covid
Chairs: Cristiana BARANDONI | Paolo GIULIERINI, Italy

Digital Tools for the Emergency Rescue of Cultural Heritage
Chairs: Tobias BUSEN | Christoph von BIEBERSTEIN, Germany

Revisiting the Past and Structuring the Future: How past Researches can lead way to newer technologies.
Chairs: Pratik N. SAVALE | Manya DASHUJJ, India


Advanced Archaeological Trainings

Geospatial Analysis and Simulation in Archeology using Open Tools
Organizer: Christian NEUWIRTH, Austria

New bottles for old wine: The new CIDOC CRM and your old data
Organizer: Stephen STEAD, UK


Poster Session

Organizer: Peter DORNINGER, Austria


App Award

Organizer: Günther WEINLINGER | Michael KLEIN, Austria
7reasons Medien GmbH


Science Slam

Organizer: Elisabeth MONAMY | Bernhard WEINGARTNER, Austria