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Schedule 2020

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
09:00 – 18:00 Opening, Sessions, Welcome Cocktail

Thursday, November 5, 2020
09:00 – 18:00 Session, Round Tables, Mayor’s Cocktail

Friday, November 6, 2020
09:00 – 18:00 Sessions, Round Tables, Advanced Archaeological Training, Closing, Informal Farewell

Program in details


Machine Learning In Archaeometry
Chair: Johannes TINTNER | Bernhard SPANGL | Michael MELCHER, Austria

AI, ML and DL in satellite, aerial and ground based remote sensing
Chairs: Apostolos SARRIS, Greece | Melda KÜÇÜKDEMİRCİ, Turkey | Tuna KALAYCI, The Netherlands

Modelling the Unseen
Chairs: Daniele VILLA | Lorenzo CECCON, Italy

AI methods for digital humanities – New pathways towards Cultural Heritage
Chairs: Piotr KUROCZYNSKI | Günther GÖRZ | Christoph SCHLIEDER, Germany

Image-based 3D Documentation Aerial and Underwater
Chairs: Marco BLOCK-BERLITZ | Martin OCZIPKA | Hendrik ROHLAND, Germany

Digital evolutions of the City of Vienna (Special Session)
Chair: Franz Xaver PFAFFENBICHLER | Lothar EYSN, Austria

Chasing criminals with the computer. Digital technologies in the fight against illicit trafficking in antiquities and the looting of cultural heritage
Chairs: Michaela REINFELD | Arianna TRAVIGLIA | David WIGG-WOLF, Germany

Uses of AI in Art and Architectural History
Chair: Meredith COHEN, USA

CHNT 25 – the success story continues
Chairs: Wolfgang BÖRNER, Austria | Irmela HERZOG, Germany

PhD/Master session 2020
Chair: Martina POLIG, Cyprus

Nuclear Techniques in cultural heritage artefacts investigations
Chair: Dinara ABBASOVA, Austria

Machine visions. Learning systems in cultural heritage research
Chairs: Jaap Evert ABRAHAMSE | Erik SCHMITZ | Rowin VAN LANEN, The Netherlands

Understanding CH site visitors using AI solutions
Chairs: Andi SMART | Cristina MOSCONI | Pikakshi MANCHANDA, UK

Round Tables

The Power of Big Data of the Past – Building Blocks towards a virtual Time Machine
Organizer: Andreas MAIER | Sander MÜNSTER, Germany

Citizen Science Go! Taking citizen participation (one step) further
Organizer: Elisabeth MONAMY | Sigrid PETER, Austria

HERITAGE BIM – Process Optimization within Digitization Strategies
Organizer: Claudiu SILVESTRU, Austria | Piotr KUROCZYNSKI, Germany

Educating Archaeologists for a Digital Era
Organizer: Hendrik ROHLAND | Marco BLOCK-BERLITZ | Benjamin DUCKE, Germany

Digital perspectives for the post-crisis recovery of cultural heritage
Organizer: Benjamin DUCKE | Nura IBOLD, Germany

Could Web Portals help to save our Cultural Heritage?
Organizer: Wolfgang BÖRNER, Austria

Documenting, Digital Restoring and Recontextualizing. (Comparing experiences)
Organizer: Cristiana BARANDONI | Paolo GIULIERINI, Italy

Integrating Artificial Intelligence in Cultural Heritage sites’ audience research
Organizer: Andi SMART | Cristina MOSCONI | Pikakshi MANCHANDA, UK

Advanced Archaeological Training#

Computational photography and AI for image based research
Organizer: Vera CHIQUET | Peter FORNARO, Switzerland

Use of data-driven dashboards for Visitor Analytics in Cultural Heritage Tourism
Organizer: Andi SMART | Cristina MOSCONI | Pikakshi MANCHANDA, UK

Geospatial Analysis in Archaeology using Open Tools (NEW)
Organizer: Christian NEUWIRTH, Austria

3D impact from Archaeologist perspective (NEW)
Organizer: Roy ALBAG | Shani ZIV, Israel