Ladislav DEDÍK | Jana MINAROVIECH (STUDIO 727, Bratislava)

Dome of St. Martin in Bratislava is one of the most beautiful churches in Slovakia. The temple was consecratedin the year 1452. The German and Austrian builders overwhelmed the original Gothic architectural elements.
The length of the triple temple is 69.37 m, the width is 22.58 m, the height of the boats is 16 m. On the interior vault worked 40 stomasons. In the 2nd half of the 15th century was build to the northern wall the Chapel of St. Anna. The tower burnt twice. Today’s image of the tower is from the year 1847. On the top there is a golden pillow with dimensions of 2 x 2 m, on which lies a gold-plated replica of the Hungarian royal crown.
The crown, which resembles the ceremonial coronation, can also be found at the top of the window sill behind the main altar.
Between years 1563 and 1830, 19 kings were crowned, including 10 sovereigns, one queen, and 8 royal wives. The first was crowned Maximilian II. (September 8, 1563). The only crowned queen was Maria Theresa (June 25, 1741). The list of crowned heads, though incomplete, is on the left side of the dome presbytery.
Interesting is the history of bells. The original five bells of the Bratislava dome during the First World War faded into guns. Only the largest and oldest, two-tone Wedderin, one of the five most precious bells in Europe, remained on the tower.
5 new bells were donated to Bratislava by 5 countries neighboring Slovakia and were heard in November, 2000th
STUDIO 727 will bring you closer to the loft in the roof of this impressive dome. Through Virtual Reality, you will be able to look at spaces that are not available to everyday visitors. The 3D model was created in the Capturing Reality program and combined with laser scanning and photogrammetry.