Roman city of Carnuntum, Petronell-Carnuntum, Lower Austria – November 15, 2018

By invitation of the Roman city of Carnuntum, the Congress Visual Heritage 2018 will hold a post conference event in this great ambient.


 09:00 Departure: Vienna City Hall
 10:00 Arrival: Roman city Carnuntum
 10:15 Welcome adress by the scientific director of Carnuntum, Mag. Franz HUMER
 10:30-12:00  Lectures about Carnuntum

  • Franz HUMER, Carnuntum – The reborn city of the emperor.
  • Karl Friedrich GOLLMANN, Rekonstruktion der Bauten der Zivilstadt von Carnuntum  – Wissenschaft und Handwerk (in German)
  • Robert REITHOFER, The development of hypocausts – from the production of bricks to heated thermae.
 12:00-13:00  Lunch – Hotel Marc Aurel, Petronell
 13:00-15:00  Tour through the “Roman City quarter” guided by Mag. HUMER & Dr. POLLHAMMER
 15:30-17:00  Visit of the Museum CARNUNTINUM, Bad Deutsch-Altenburg
 17:00  Departure: Bad Deutsch-Altenburg
 18:00  Arrival: Vienna – City Hall

Included in the registration fee for this event:

  • bus transfer (Vienna – Carnuntum/Petronell – Bad Deutsch-Altenburg – Vienna)
  • entrance fees (Roman city Carnuntum / Museum Carnuntinum)
  • guides*
  • lunch at Hotel Marc Aurel

*rooms for the lectures and the guides are sponsored by the Roman town Carnuntum

Roman city quarter (© Roman ciy Carnuntum)

Roman city ityquarter (© Roman c Carnuntum)

Apse hall – Villa Urbana (© Roman city Carnuntum)

(© Roman city Carnuntum)

Minumum number of participants – 30 (Deadline for registration and payment – October 22, 2018)
Link to registration form