Kourosh Afhami / Wolfgang Gambke

(demana vision, Düsseldorf, Deutschland)

The first systematic and scholarly excavation of Persepolis was conducted by Ernst Herzfeld and Friedrich Krefter which led to the onsite reconstruction of the “Harem.” About thirty years later, the Harem reconstruction became the basis for Krefter’s drawings published in Persepolis-Rekonstruktionen between 1963 and 1971.

Our goal with the virtual reconstruction of Persepolis is to continue and expand on Krefter’s work using modern tools and technology not only to show the different perspectives drawn by Krefter, but also to show Persepolis from every angle and point of view both in pictures and animation with its original materials, lighting, and mood.

Our virtual reconstruction is a continuation of Krefter’s work and heritage. We have received recognition from the leading scholars in the field for its accuracy and combining architectural knowledge, archaeological findings, and computer know-how to provide a comprehensive and unique look at an important ancient Persian architecture. In addition, our film documentary Persepolis – A Glance at an Empire produced by the German Television ARTE will be shown during the conference.