Roberto DE LIMA | Toon SYKORA | Maarten VERGAUWEN | Marleen DE MEYER | Harco WILLEMS

The governors’ tombs located at Dayr al-Barsha are considered among the most important monuments of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom. Unfortunately, due to quarrying activities, looting, and natural catastrophes, the archaeological remains are now in a dilapidated state. Their documentation therefore becomes a necessary task towards the preservation and research of this provincial elite cemetery. Traditional geomatics-based heritage recording methods and sensors are, however, not sufficient to yield a full and comprehensive documentation. Inspired by emergent technologies, this paper proposes a symbiosis of digital epigraphy, Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS), image-based digitalization techniques, and serious games, to provide experts with a digital tool able to yield high-level information in terms of accurate digital drawings of decorated sections and dense 3D mesh models. Results show that the proposed approach provides a reliable alternative to answer research questions, especially in the context of ancient Egyptian heritage, as the level of detail captured enables the academic community to further explore decoration techniques, damage recognition, and digital reconstruction.