(Microbox GmbH, Bad Nauheim, Germany)

Keywords: Multispectral scanning analysis, material structures layers and watermarks; palimpsest;

Book2net has developed a novel method for multispectral analysis of documents and drawings.
The development of an innovative technology for multispectral analysis in the range of 300 – 1300 nm was the task of our research project. At definable nm intervals, individual or series of scans can be performed. The scan results can be superimposed pixel by pixel and analyzed. The book2net method works without filter change (vibration-free) and without post-correction of sharpness and focus in the spectral ranges (pixel scale accurate). Pixel-accurate overlay, division, subtraction, and addition techniques can be applied to this database for image analysis and visualization of the desired information.
A systematic standardization of the scanning, light and imaging processes as well as deposition of profile structures enables comparability and repeatability. Profile structures allow the formation of classes or analysis groups.
Case Study:
Multispectral analysis of the LUCRETIA (Lucas Cranach the Elder)*
The study shows the whole range of multispectral analysis form UV up to IR range.
Underdrawing, hatching, auxiliary lines, fabrics, watermarks, signatures, pentimenti, signatures, inscriptions and marks can be analyzed in the different multispectral segments.
The study gives the answer. Is the analyzed LUCRETIA an original drawing from Lucas Cranach the Elder?
*Klassik Stiftung Weimar, Graphische Sammlungen

Relevance for the conference: Multispectral analysis, material structures layers and watermarks; palimpsest;
Relevance for the session: New Multispectral technology
Innovation: New multispectral scanning method and image analysing method
• Anna Amalia Library Weimar, fire and water damage;
• Lucretia, Klassik Stiftung Weimar