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With the Corona virus all around the world, most of our culture was closed down.
But new forms of culture developed and they will be part of our cultural heritage.

This is a call to document these new forms of culture and the impact of Corona on our daily life by photographs supplemented with short explanations and the country where the picture was taken. 

Send us your photographs (including copyright) via or similar to


Keep distance! The Austrian baby elephant (seen – Vienna 2. District – Große Pfarrgasse 22 (Copyright W.Börner)
No comment! Vienna (Copyright W. Börner)

From Ecuador – pictures taken after a funeral (Covid-19)

Copyright: Alden Yépez, Ecuador
Copyright: Alden Yépez, Ecuador

From Germany

Copyright: Irmela Herzog, Germany
Message on a Kindergarten (Copyright: Irmela Herzog, Germany)

From the Bonn/Cologne area in Germany:
(Copyright: Irmela Herzog, Bonn)

  • Chalk drawings with texts on minor lanes with wishes or statements such as “Happy Birthday” or “Together we are strong”
  • Banners “we miss you” at the facades of kindergartens and other centres offering some care for kids or young people
  • rubbish heaps because people in home office have a lot of time to clean their apartments or houses
  • empty shelves in the supermarket because people hoard toilet paper
  • masks for sale