Call for Short Papers

Chairs: Cristiana BARANDONI | Paolo GIULIERINI
( Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, Italy)


The Round table that we are proposing this year focuses, for the second consecutive year, on 3D modeling and in particular on the use of virtual models in the communicative, didactic and pedagogical fields in the museum sector.

More and more frequently, photogrammetry and laser scanners become irreplaceable tools for the creation of virtual models of both artifacts and archaeological architectural structures.
In addition to the well-known educational purpose, the use of augmented and virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular to guarantee access to all those sites and museums that, especially following the COVID emergency, have had to resort to it in order to maintain the relationship with their audience.

This RT wants to offer these institutions the opportunity to present actions taken to face the global health emergency. Contributions that will illustrate heritage communication actions in areas of crisis and war as far as those projects that, through digital, have made their heritage permanently accessible,  will also be welcome.

Send us your submission until July 30, 2021