(Ball State University, Muncie, USA)

Keywords: Large Interactive Display, Augmented Experiences, Interactive Experiences, and Historic Sites

This research project aimed at designing large, interactive displays for the Cathedral grounds of St Andrews, Scotland to enhance the visitors and librarians’ experience by presenting maps also to discover more about the cathedral, the town of St Andrews, and its historical heritage.
As part of this research project, we conducted interviews and focus groups with twenty visitors and librarians at the St Andrews’ special collections to understand: what do users want to do with the special collections; is what users want to do with the special collections already possible with the current technology; how do users currently interact with the special collections; how do users engage with the special collections; and to explore what users see as potential uses for integrating special collections in digital displays’ applications.
By providing a tested set of design specifications for the special collections and interactive digital displays, this research project will have a significant impact on the future improvement of applications and systems that support and augment interactions with the special collections.
In this research project, we applied the contextual design and ethnographic approaches to collect data as the base criteria for deciding what the system should do and how it should be structured.