Hands-on workshop

Organiser: Geoff AVERN, Nikon

The new iSpace for Archaeology – released in April at CAA2011-Beijing – is a turnkey system for faster and more accurate drawing of archaeological excavations.  At its heart is the proven, metrology-grade, large-volume iSpace tracking system which tracks the position of receiver units within a 40 metre square area, up to 40 times/second with millimetre accuracy.  Contact probes with full 6dof are traced around the perimeter of  contexts or features, resulting in a 3D drawing.  Alternatively, probes are used in single-point capture mode to take coordinates (corners of trench/find spot/sampling point/etc.) or spot heights more quickly and conveniently that by total station.  iSpace will turn your excavation into a metrology lab.

A new iPhone (iPad/iPodTouch) application assigns attributes to the data as it is collected from iSpace.  Any one file may contain data with different attributes.  The file can then be viewed on the iPhone with a .dxf viewer app, or may be exported as a .dxf file to AutoCAD/GIS/etc.

The system has proven its ability to record many times faster than drawing by hand (up to 90% faster in field trials).  With no subsequent digitisation or assigning of attributes, it results in further substantial time savings back in the office or in post-ex.

This workshop will introduce you to the technology behind iSpace and give you hands-on experience in;

–        setting up the components,
–        calibrating the system,
–        georeferencing the system,
–        using the Mobigage Archaeology software on iPhone,
–        capturing single point data,
–        3D drawing by capturing streamed point data.

You are welcome to bring along your laptop with your AutoCAD or GIS to view and store your results.
The full hands-on workshop will be limited to 12 participants.
Short demonstrations will be also available at the Nikon exhibition stall at other times during the conference.