(Samara Institute – Higher School of Privatization and Enterprise, Samara, Russia)

The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate the abilities of young people in multicultural and archiving activities of the peace museum through mechanisms of citizen diplomacy and project activity. One of the most important platforms of intercultural communication and interpenetration of the cultural experience of the past and the present is a peace museum. In the space of museum the past becomes the present and the present starts to serve the future. The artifacts of world heritage on account of its visual esthetics are very attractive and receptive by the young people. The samples of intercultural reconciliation in culture, assembled in the museum, not only preserve and express the priceless experience of the previous generations in overcoming violence and wars, but also unite generations and make peace the most esthetically completed sphere of human activity. Peace is always up-to-date, but the present is not always in peace. Therefore it’s so important to archiving an instructive experience of the past for theory and practice of current multicultural integration. Peacemaking is always communicative process, movement towards the new, decent and balanced development. Uniting the world through world heritage, historical knowledge, youth not only acquires a joy of life and professional experience, but also paves the way to its future and contributes to the sustainable development of the humanity.