Peter Ferschin / Sigrun Swoboda / Andreas Jonas

(Institute of Architectural Sciences, Vienna University of Technology, Austria)

This article describes the digital reconstruction of the Forum in Carnuntum, Austria including scenes from the past, which was based on the prospected Data (Aerial Images, Geomagnetic measurements, Geo-Radar Imaging, electrical resistivity mapping) that has been surveyed by the ZAMG over several years. Additional archaeological interpretations from the OEAI and architectonic knowledge from the antique were necessary to create an plausible interpretation of the surveyed data. The goal was to create an interactive reconstruction with a strong immersive atmosphere, that will be an attractive virtual extension of the Museum Carnuntinum, which celebrates the 2000 years of Carnuntum with the exhibition “Legionary Eagle & Druid’s Staff”. The project created several archaeological as well as technological challenges. As the existence and location of the Forum was detected recently with archaeological prospection methods, no excavation of the site could be undertaken to aid the virtual reconstruction. After a first reconstruction attempt [Hirschegger- Ramser 1999], higher resolution imagery of the most recent measurements created the possibility of a much more detailed reconstruction.
Beside the reconstruction of the building, also several scenes with virtual characters that were typical for the roman life at the Forum were recreated as well as some dialogues in latin language with subtitling in several other languages.
The presentation system consists of a large projection area inside the atrium of the Museum, which is supported by two synchronized beamers, powered by a high performance PC. As interactive interface a virtual walking interface was chosen to allow a walk through the forum by foot steps on the floor of the Museum. A sound system creates the acoustic experience of latin dialogues when the museum visitor approaches a scene on the forum.