Talila YEHIEL1 | Shani ZIV2
(1Mofet Institute, Tel Aviv | 2TheWandering.net, Tel Aviv, Israel)

Keywords: Dynamic heritage, New audiences, Digital curating, Public participation, interactive maps, wandering , narratives

The collaborative process of creating interactive experimental  heritage maps Experiences from  Puebla- , Mexico , Erez Israel museum and  five partners  of the congress  in Vienna.

Challenges that will be discussed:

  1. How do we mediating collections and spaces?

Who is curating and who is creating digital experiences around heritage sites?

How the technology can support DIY (do it yourself) storytelling ?

How do we encourage in situ experimental learning, balancing visual, sensual, social and technological?

How can we feel close to the object with the supportive technology?

  1. Technological sustainability:

From a catalog to interaction – How can your catalogue turn into Lego cubes that you can re-use to  build your visitors’ experiences ?

From top down to profile oriented – How can you curate your visitors’ experiences? Especially new audiences

From information to narrative – How can the curator visually tell the big story in the exhibition?

3.How does it work?

Four models for starting points will be presented:

On your own- substitute of traditional mediation by museums: maps, games, Audio guide, working sheets, labels evolution

Academically speaking: The university as a leading institute that supports research and new innovations.

The cultural community – museums and heritage professionals from the same city that decided to collaborate.

Button up – students as content creators. Students collaborated with the curator and created original content around the exhibition.

My supportive technology is the wandering platform.


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