Call for Short Papers

Chairs: Wolfgang BÖRNER | Alessandro CAMIZ
(Museen der Stadt Wien – Stadtarchäologie | Özyeğin University; Istanbul, Turkey)

Keywords: Corona, new Technologies, scientific work, change

Who would have thought? The pandemic has held the world in its tight grip for more than one year and still with no end in sight. At the moment, we can only make the vaguest statements about the future. The worlds of science and culture as well as the economy are all depressed and will take many years to recover. Many colleagues have lost their jobs or are working on a part-time basis and many institutions and museums are closed. Can this damage ever be repaired?

  • How has our scientific work changed?
  • How can work on archaeological sites and other cultural heritage sites be maintained?
  • How can new technologies help us?

For this Round Table we expect short papers (5-10 minutes) on topics like:

  • How have we mastered the crisis so far?
  • How has the way we work changed?
  • Can we apply the lessons learnt to the future?

In addition to short papers, there will also be a lively and goal-oriented discussion.

In preparation for Round Table, there will be a page on the CHNT website where the community can post pictures about their impressions, experiences and adapted working methods.

Send us your submission until July 30, 2021