Process Optimization within Digitization Strategies

Call for Short Paper (Round Table)

Claudiu SILVESTRU (1) | Piotr KUROCZYŃSKI (2)
((1) hochform. Architekten ZT GmbH, Austria | (2) Hochschule Mainz – University of Applied Sciences, Germany)

Keywords: BIM, digitization, process, optimization

Description of the round table: While dealing with digitization strategies it is impossible not to cross BIM. Regardless if in the public or private sector Building Information Modelling becomes increasingly the state-of-the-art technology for the creation, management and documentation of the building stock. The strengths of BIM rely among other on standardisation – from the definition of building parts to processes, if something can be made more efficient through recurrence, BIM is the tool to optimize it with. Nevertheless, the complexity of existing buildings with their irregular geometries, different phases of construction and a multitude of unknown aspects of the state of the fabric determine a specific approach towards BIM.
Scope of the round table: The standardization which makes BIM so appealing to large scale new building projects becomes difficult to achieve when dealing with cultural heritage. In this context both the scientific community and the AEC industry experiment with using BIM on existing buildings. At the same time public authorities demand increasingly to apply BIM also within conversion projects. Quite often the focus and goals of these three key actors are incoherent and drift apart. This round table aims to discuss the opportunities, strengths and challenges of Heritage BIM as part of digitization strategies. The round table will include impulse papers addressing Heritage BIM in the digitization process from the point of view of public authorities, research and building practice. The objective is to identify and formulate key research questions on facilitating and improving the use of Heritage BIM within joint digitization strategies.

Format of round table: 3-6 impulse papers

Submission (open April 15, 2020)
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