(HEARonymus GmbH, Vienna, Austria)

Keywords: Culture for all

Hearonymus is a young Viennese company and it brings culture to everyone. Free and easily. No matter where you are and no matter if you have any restrictions or disablilties or not.
How do we get there?
On the one hand Hearonyms offers a free app, a plattform for professional cultural audioguides. You can find, download and listen to free guides for world heritage sites, for museums, for cultural sights, for architecutre walks, for caves, for excavations, …. As all guides run offline after the download, so it is running everywhere. And the guides are available in lots of different languages. As we are using not only audio but also pictures, maps, videos and so forth the correct expression would be multimedia guide instead of audioguide.
On the other hand, Hearonymus supports cultural institutions to create their own audioguide. And our help is flexible and you can have it at an unbeatable price. For an audioguide five steps need to be taken. Number 1: You need a text. Number 2: if your audioguide shall also be used by people form other countries you need translations. Number 3: professional native speakers for every language are necessary 4. You need a recording studio and number 5: you need someone who brings all the stuff that has been produced in steps 1-4, to the smartphone. We can help you with all five steps but 1-4 you can produce yourself.
For institutions this means no equipment costs, no costs for maintenance and service, no charge for handling and theft of the guides, as the visitors come with their own mobile phones. And the audioguides lead to additional visitors because the plattform arouses interest.
Hearonymus started in 2013. Today we have more than 600 professional cultural audioguides on the plattform. In Austria we are already number one and one year ago we started in Germany. In june this year we started in Switzerland.