Organizer: Zuzana DURICKOVA, Capturing Reality | Ladislav DEDIK, Studio 727, Bratislava, Slovakia

Description of the workshop: Fast-growing company Capturing Reality will be demonstrating and leading the hands-on Workshop on how to use their in-house developed all-in-one photogrammetry software solution for extracting beautiful and accurate 3D models from a set of ordinary images, laser scans, UAV or synchronized camera rigs. Without any Limitation.
Their software RealityCapture is known and recognized for its incredible speed and superior quality and accuracy.  It’s perfect for any size of project, yet with low demand on computer hardware*.
Use of this advanced technology is driving major reduction of operating cost, brings freedom to your work, enables you to use your time more efficiently and allows you to focus on the research and work you do – preserving cultural heritage and  making it available for future Generations.
In this workshop, experts from Capturing Reality and partnering company Studio 727 (experienced services provider), will walk you through all steps of 3D model creation.
From capturing the data to exporting several types and sizes of models with the RealityCapture software. They will provide you the tips for best techniques and workflows and will be ready to answer your questions.
Session attendees are invited to bring their computers to learn navigate in the software live during the session. Capturing Reality will provide to registered attendees complimentary 14 days RealityCapture license** that can be downloaded prior to the session.

Make in minutes what the others do days.

* RealityCapture runs on x64bit machines with at least 8GB of RAM, 64bit Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10, graphics card with nVidia Cuda 2.0+ GPU and at least 1GB RAM
**RC Promo:  limitation of 2500 images/scans per project, no CLI function

Target group: All experts that have a need and desire to use the photogrammetry solutions to make their jobs, easier, by obtaining results in outstanding quality and accuracy at amazing speed for preserving the cultural heritage.

Specifics: photogrammetry software, new technologies in cultural heritage preservation