(Dipartimento di Architettura, Florence University, Florence, Italy)

Keywords: Grafiti, Photogrammetry, 3D model, multimedia, museum

Contemporary photogrammetry, with the use of high resolution sensors and correct shooting procedures, allows to get details far from the common level of perception of the human eye. This can be particularly useful in the use of macro and micro details, but it can be extremely useful also in specific situations, when even quite large elements are difficult to be read and interpreted. Is this the case of the walls with Grafiti in the Kyrenia Castle, North Cyprus, where a set of representations showing ancient ports, harbours, ships and boats are extremely difficult to be read in the actual lighting situation. This is also a case study where the lighting situation is not ideal and where some logistic issues have caused the missing of a proper portable set of lights. Thus, with specific solutions, taking care about the shooting technique using state of the art camera and lens (Nikon D800e and 60mm F2.8 Micro Nikkor), it was possible to take a well detailed set of images to be used in the creation of an ultra-detailed 3D model of a whole set of graffiti. From this, using 3D rendering and multimedia techniques a set of proper elements has been created for dissemination and teaching purposes, allowing to enhance the perception of these artworks in the waiting for a new and more advanced permanent lighting system. The presentation will bring all the technical data from this case study, the detailed description of the lesson learned, suggestions about how to enhance the results from such a survey campaign and the complete workflow from shooting to multimedia creation/exhibition.

Relevance for the conference: An interesting subject expanding the micro-photgrammetry to the scale of the architectural part
Relevance for the session: Description of the workflow, sharing of an experience that can be replied in other context
Innovation: Expanding to medium scale and to multimedia presentation the techniques of micro-photogrammetry
• Videoclip about the operations: | Katzev, M. (1969). The Kyrenia Shipwreck, Expedition, 11