Ingeborg GAISBAUER, Stadtarchaeologie Wien, Austria

Vienna’s medieval beginning represents a very special topic and research possibility, mostly because there is still so much left in the dark. At the moment, we lack certainty about the where, or the when of Vienna’s first post-roman settlement impulses. Continuous settlement activity from the 9th century onward is an option but the possibility of more than one attempt and intermittent periods of abandonment cannot be dismissed either.
While at the end of the 11 th century and the beginning of the 12 th century tracing patterns of activity becomes more feasible, there is still a shortage of distinct structures and our understanding of Vienna as a complex focus point of various economic, political and ecclesiastical interests is still non-satisfying. Acting as a hope giving counterbalance are new multidisciplinary approaches, offering us a new perspective and fresh data concerning old problems such as the so called “dark earth” and the long discussed matter of Viennas first legendary “castle” in the northeastern corner of the former roman fortress.