(Dipartimento di Architettura, Florence University, Florence, Italy)

Keywords: Photogrammetry, structure from motion, photography, architecture, laboratory

In the past five years, the Architectural Photographic Laboratory in Florence, part of the DIDALABS System of the Dipartimento di Architettura of the local University, has operated a large number of interventions in photogrammetry, basing on Structure from Motion procedures various intervention on small, medium size and even enormous architectures. The survey activities were brought on using a wide range of cameras, from compact point and shoot solutions to massive highly professional – high resolution DSLR, exploiting and/or resolving any kind of lighting and material, shapes, accessibility problems. Most of the survey were operated using terrestrial operations, thus in the recent years, the lab start processing IUAV and other aerial shootings. The proposed contribution will take care about presenting a set of significant interventions, exploring the main issues, the troubleshooting, the lessons learned in the will of discussing and sharing experiences about digital photogrammetry and enhancing the procedures. A particular attention will be paid to the shooting procedures, but also to the calculation settings, with a comparison between the single computer processing and the network calculation operated by the lab. In between the main subjects: the Façades of the Florence Cathedral, various towers from the Italian coasts, various square floors from the italian downtowns, sculptures from the Bargello Museum in Florence and other items rich of artistic and historical value.

Relevance for the conference: A significant set of experiences based on five years of activities
Relevance for the session: Various photogrammetric works approached in very different conditions and presented with the will of sharing and discussing
Innovation: Bringing the photogrammetric work to perfection is a never ending task, but someone must do it
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