Zeynep CEYLANLI | Pembe ÖZEN | Ezgi ÇIÇEK | Pelin ARSLAN
(Faculty of Architecture and Design, Özyeğin University, Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey)

Keywords: Museum Design, Site Specific Museum, Digital Museum, Kyrenia Castle, Museum Pedagogy

The past twenty years have seen a progressive innovation in the approach to the museum pedagogy, an increasing use of digital solution has more and more influenced the way the items, the history and the knowledge are transmitted. The architectural design aspect of such interventions is influenced by these new approaches increasing the need of knowledge about technology solutions owned by architects and cultural heritage experts. These rules are applied in many cases of new museum constructions, but often they must also be applied in existing museum exhibitions. In the case presented here, the Museum sector of the Kyrenia castle, in the town nowadays named Girne, in North Cyprus, place of the exhibition of one of the first underwater archaeological finding, will be taken with all its specific issues and will be analyzed and presented as an exploring experience of new multimedia/traditional solutions, cataloguing some interesting and well promising solutions for media integration and online/site specific integration, together with contemporary materials/exhibition solutions in the aim of a renewal proposal capable of bringing in the digital age and enhancing the quality of the visiting experience of this interesting museum/castle. The case under scrutiny gives us the opportunity to reveal the layers of different phases of the castle as well as an antique shipwreck with the use of 3d digital survey of the architectural space, which concomitantly leads the way for the museum design solutions to cooperate with the digital technologies.