Chair: Thomas KÜHTREIBER, Austria

Section: Urban Archaeology
Main topic: Streets, Roads and Squares

The section deals with the topic of streets, roads and squares in central places, towns and their surroundings over the course of time. Streets and roads are important links between places and are essential for supply and communication. Archaeologists have thoroughly studied and examined streets, forums and squares in the past few decades. New results and findings will be presented on occasion of the conference and participants will focus on three aspects within the section Urban Archaeology: Development, Function and Conversion / Continuity and Discontinuity / Urban Place – a public space free of buildings?

Session: Streets, Roads and Squares – Development, Function and Conversion

This session concentrates on the problems of correctly interpreting archaeological remains of streets, roads and squares. What are their surfaces like? What does their design depend on? Which developments are perceivable? Which findings have been discovered and what are their characteristics (e.g. taphonomy)? We will address the question how the landscape influenced the course of streets and roads, and how we can reconstruct the course of streets and road networks in cities and their surroundings.