(Muzeul National al Unirii Alba Iulia, Romania)

Outline: to point out the principia and forum as roman architectural programms in Daciato observe the historical evolution from the principia/forum to the medieval and modern market place to have a complete image of the urban phenomenon evolution in Transilvania considered in a historical perspective.

Abstract: The paper analyses the roman Dacia open spaces architectural programms, such as principia for the military camps and fora for the civilian settlements, and their transformations during the medieval and modern times periods in some important urban centers of the province. First of all, the the paper intoduces the definitions of the roman open space architectural programm for principia and forum, closely connected one another as responding to a common functional purpose : both were public assembly places. The next step is to see how these architectural programms were reconsidered (if they were) after the roman period. The paper presents next some case studies for the most important urban centers from Dacia, focusing on the central market place, and the way it was transformed or completely abandonned during the medieval and modern times. The analyse, the first one of this kind, is based on archaeological excavations results, several cartographic and litterary sources, ancient photos, etc. In order to have a complete image of the urban evolution phenomenon in Transylvania.

Keywords: principia, forum, Dacia, Transylvania