(Centre of Kyiv Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology of the National Ukrainian Academy of Science, Ukraine)

Outline: This paper deals with the typology of streets and roads in Kyiv-Podil in 10-13th centuries. The groups of streets were identified by the morphology of pavement and width. Streets and roads that are known by the archaeological records correlate with the streets on maps dated by 1695 and 1803. The street network has not been changed before 1811, when Podil was redeveloped.

Abstract: Streets and roads are among the main components of the city structure. Because of the small amount of the historical records on street network of the Kyiv Podil in X-XIII century, the problem of street network in Kyiv could be solved with archaeological investigations.

The history of archaeological investigations of the Kyiv Podil has about 80 years. Over 160 excavation sites were organized during this time. 24 parts of streets and roads were excavated. The roads (12.5%) are the carriageways without the building and fences from both sides. Streets (78.5%) are the carriageways with the fences from both sides. Usually fences separated the roads and the households.

Two types of streets and roads are identified by the width: 2.6-3.7 m (80%) and 4.5-6.0 m (20%). Another two types of streets are identified by the morphology of pavement. These are the “unpaved roads” (83%) and the “bridge roads” (17%).

The modern map of Kyiv Podil and the map dated by 1803 that was created before the Podil re-development were compared. Four groups of streets and roads are identified. Streets and roads of the first group (38%) have the same location and direction. The objects of the second group (37%) have the same direction and parallel location. Streets and roads of the third group (4%) have the same location and some deviations in a direction. Streets and roads of the fourth group (21%) have different location and direction.

This analysis allows outlining that the street network of Kyiv-Podil had not changed before the fire in 1811. The results may finish the long discussion on this problem.

Keywords: street, road, Kyiv-Podil