Laska Tatiana Vladimirovna LASKA | Golubkov Sergey Vitalievich GOLUBKOV | Tsimbal Irina Valerievna TSIMBAL | Petrova Yulia Anatolievna PETROVA
(Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia)

Abstract: There are many architectural monuments and old relics, the restoration of which is an unrealizable task. This may be due to the difficulty and complexity of the work, lack of information about the object and other reasons. In such cases, the 3D reconstruction is an effective tool.

Saint-Petersburg State University developed a method of restoration of partially or completely lost monumental paintings. As an example and a practical application of new technology there a virtual reconstruction of fresco paintings of the Church Spas-na-Nereditse in the city of Novgorod the Great was completed.

The church was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. According to the old drawings it appeared to be possible to reconstruct an architectural view of the church, but rare frescos of the XIIth century had been irretrievably lost. The extant parts of frescoes consist of 325,000 pieces and its manual restoration is still very far from completion.

In this case the method of computer-based reconstruction is much more efficient. The process of 3D reconstruction is always reversible, it provides several plausible variations and helps to find a compromise a decision on the issue of reconstruction or restoration of the object.

The method of computer-based reconstruction was used together with analog pictorial reconstruction. The first method provides plausibility, whereas the second method helps us to simulate the ancient process of painting, to convey the artist’s style, to reproduce the form, direction and strength of the artist’s touch and texture of the frescos. The basis for all works were archaeological materials, archival and contemporary historical, architectural and art papers, scientific research in this field.

As a result of the project, a fairly accurate reconstruction of the object has been produced and a new method of reconstruction of the lost fresco painting has been developed.

Keywords: virtual, reconstruction, restoration, monumental, painting