Katharina HOLZINGER / Gabi KOINER / Markus FASSOLD / Andreas HOLZINGER
(Institute for Archaeology, University of Graz, Austria)

Outline: In this work we present ELFIApp, which is a service-oriented, cloud-based application to assist end users during Archaeological surveys: A group of Archaeologists can use the ELFIApp to apply two powerful concepts during their work: collective intelligence and cloud computing

Abstract: Methodology/Approach: There is converging evidence for the existence of a so-called collective intelligence, which explains the enhanced cognitive performance of a group on a wide variety of tasks. Moreover, classical computing is being transformed progressively towards service-oriented computing, which enables end users to access services based on their individual and context based requirements without regard to where the services are hosted or how they are delivered. For example, the Archaeologists can take pictures (including the corresponding GPS data), along with their archaeological notes on fund type, preservation status, measures, etc. With one single press, these data can be stored in a cloud data base and are immediately available for the other (registered) group members, where they can see what others have documented.

By the use of a data base (instead of a Wiki System) we have the advantage of ensuring full data protection, since the archaeological heritage is under serious threat from illegal and destructive archaeological looting.

Results: In this talk our approaches, technological issues, designs, developments and practical aspects of the ELFIApp are presented and advantages and disadvantages, challenges and limitations are discussed.

Innovations: The combination of and application to Archaeology of the two powerful concepts collective intelligence and cloud computing are novel and may contribute towards establishing an electronic fund label (Fundzettel).

Keywords: Archaeological survey, collective intelligence, cloud computing, data quality