(Istanbul Technical University, Geomatics Engineering Department, Turkey)

Outline: The paper will concentrate on the measurement techniques used in the restoration and renovation project of North Tower of Seddülbahir Fortress.

Abstract: Detailed documentation of cultural heritage is one of the main tasks that should be performed for the restoration renovation and archival purposes. The documentation procedure often requires integration of different measurement techniques. Employing various measurement techniques simplifies the documentation, however means a lot of work and time.

The north tower of Seddülbahir fortress, which is our case study area settles on a huge area comprising nearly 24.000 m2 and has a building mass of 4200 m2.  Due to the large area that the fortress covers, it is not practical to measure the whole area using only classical geodetic measurement equipments like theodolite, level etc.

Terrestrial laser scanning technology is a new and quick geodetic data collection technique compared to the classical geodetic measurement techniques. Although the equipment costs are high and the evaluation of the point clouds requires special knowledge it shortens the time necessary for measurements.

In this paper the geodetic measurement techniques employed for the documentation of Seddülbahir fortress will be explained in detail.

Keywords: Cultural heritage, Terrestrial Laser scanning, Documentation